So I guess I should start by introducing myself, hi, I’m cloudy — that’s not my actual name unfortunately (but it would be pretty cool if it was) but I want this blog to be completely anonymous so that I feel like I can blog what I feel and say what I actually want to say without having to worry that people who know me are going to find out and start mocking my blog.

So welcome to my blog, I’ll try to blog at least once a week but I expect that I’ll often blog more often than that sometimes, particularly during the holidays. My blogs are mainly going to about beauty and other things I’m loving at the time – or just things I’m thinking about in general.

I really hope you enjoy and if there are any particular types of blogs you think you might want to see please tell me in the comments.

Bye, Cloudy x


Pinterest account – cloudyskiesblog

Twitter account – BloggerCloudy


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