Gabriella Lindley

Hi again;
gabbie 1

Recently I’ve been watching a youtuber called Gabriella Lindley and OMG I just
can’t get enough of her videos. I just really enjoy them to be honest. I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy her videos at first simply because the majority of youtubers I watch are from gleam and so because her videos are a bit different to theirs I didn’t think I’d like them – but I actually love her videos because their different to the videos of youtubers from Gleam.

Although I still love all the youtubers from gleam it’s really nice to watch videos that are just a bit different and I find it’s also really nice to watch her videos because her friends (other than Zoe) aren’t from gleam and so it’s nice just to see different people on her videos too.

(btw I still love everyone from Gleam it’s just nice to have more variety)

I also really like Gabbie’s video’s because she’s not as famous as many other youtubers and so it feels less like I’m watching a celebrity and more like I’m watching a friend (I know that sounds completely cringey but it’s true).  Gabbie does mainly beauty videos (which are my absolute favourite) but she also many different types of video’s too. I particularly enjoy her vlogs.

I genuinely cannot recommend this girl enough!!! Her video’s are great and she has a very unique personality which make her videos very addictive. So if you love beauty or vlogs or chatty vidgabbi 2eos or just YouTube in general seriously check her channel out. I’ll leave a link to her channel bellow and if you have any recommendations for other youtubers I should watch or if you have a channel yourself please tell me in the comments because I’m ALWAYS looking for new youtubers to watch.

Bye, Cloudy x

Gabbie’s Channel


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