Happy New Year!!!!!


Hello again;

So I guess I should start this blog post by wishing you a very happy new year and by telling you that I hope it’s a great one!!! I decided that it was only fitting (because it’s the new year) to do a blog post on new year resolutions because every single year I come up with the same old resolution that I never stick to.

Yesterday I was scroMy mini (2).pngling through pinterest trying to find a good new years resolution because I feel like my resolutions are always the same and always completely unachievable and then I came across this idea, you basically make a resolution list, one resolution for each month and so each month you start a new resolution so that by December your doing all twelve resolutions. Each resolution is a small achievable thing to help make 2016 even better. A lot of them were about weight loss but I personally don’t think that is a healthy thing for me to want as I believe that providing I’m happy my weight doesn’t matter so my list of goals is going to help me be happier, healthier and less stressed (hopefully).  I know this isn’t really for everyone but I think this way my resolution will be much more achievable.

I’ll do a blog post everyone mouth about the resolution I’m starting that mouth – I think partly to keep me motivated but also because I know some people may want to do some of the things on my list too.

If your stuck on deciding on a new years resolution I hope my list will help you to think of one or if not I highly suggest you look at pinterest – I suggest looking on pinterest  for pretty much everything to be honest but they do have some really good ideas worth checking out.

I’ve made a new board on pinterest that is full of resolutions if you need some help deciding.

My Pinterest board of resolutions

Bye, Cloudy x


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