My top 3 foundations

Hi again;

Unfortunately the Christmas holidays are over which means back to school tomorrow, so I’ll only be post once or at most twice a week until I finish school on the 23rd of June! (I finish early because I’m in year 11 so I get to leave after my last exam). I’m actually a bit upset about this because I’m really enjoying blogging so often. I’d also like to say thank you so much for all the lovely feedback from my previous post, I actually couldn’t believe it when I checked my emails and I had so many from WordPress about how people had subscribed to my blog and liked my blog post, so thank you so much for that I really appreciate it!!! As you can tell from the title of this blog post, this blog post is about my top three foundations and trust me it was really hard narrowing it down to just five as I’m obsessed with foundations and I’m always trying new ones.

My no.1 foundation
I haven’t actually hIMG_6168 [69190].jpgad that long, I’ve had it for just under a month but honestly I absolutely love it!!!!! It is the Rimmel wake me up foundation and honestly I can’t get enough of it. I bought it after I ran out of my paler shade of Rimmel’s match perfection foundation and fancied a change, I’d heard so many good things about this foundation I simply had to pick one up during my recent visit to boots. I simply love pretty much everything about it. It has great coveredge, and so completely covers all of my blemishes while still giving a really natural slightly dewy look. I also find that it very rarely needs buffing which is such a time saver!!! It’s also quite cheap as it’s a drug store foundation so is perfect if your on a budget. My only criticism of this amazing product is that you have to wear either a powder or a primer if you want it to stay perfect all day – but as I used powder any way for me this isn’t a problem at all. I really rate Rimmel foundations so if your looking for a new foundation I would seriously suggest that you check out.

IMG_6169 [69192]My second favourite foundation is a foundation I’ve been using since I was 12 it’s simply that good! I absoluteness love this foundation and is one that I simply don’t think I could live without, it is my trusty Rimmel Match Perfection foundation. It’s so blendable it’s unreal and makes your skin have a gorgeous dewy look, and it never needs buffing!!! I also love how it never looks cakey and simply glides over all the imperfections on your face, this foundation, however, doesn’t have brilliant coverage particularly over redness and isn’t long lasting – even when wearing primer or powder. Even so, I love this foundation and is my go to foundation when my skin isn’t feeling at it’s best as it isn’t too heavy on the skin. I’d really recommend this foundation if you have combination skin or if your looking for a slightly lighter foundation that gives your face a gorgeous dewy look.

IMG_6170 [69194].jpgThird on my list isn’t technically a foundation, it’s the Bobbi Brown BB cream but I use it so often I simply had to put it on my list. The thing I love most about this foundation is how incredibly long lasting it is, it stays on all day – even when I forget to powder!!!  It has great coveredge and blends really well. Despite it being a BB cream it doesn’t feel very light on the skin  but it’s so quick and easy to use whenever I’m in a rush or have a long day ahead of me it’s the first product I reach for from my makeup collection, I also love how if I’m not in the mood to wear foundation, concealer and powder all I have to do is apply this and it looks like I’m wearing all three while still feeling as though I’m just wearing a BB cream.  Bobbi Brown is one of my favourite make-up brands and I love all of their products but this is probably my favourite product of theirs I’ve tried yet!! Although it is on the pricey side it’s worth every penny.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post!!!!

Bye for now,

Cloudy x



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