Secret garden colouring book

Hey again;

So unfortunately the blog I had planned to go up this week is taking a little longer than I expected to finish so I decided I’d post this blog this week instead. (although my other blog post will be up asap)

IMG_6161 [66806].JPGNot long ago it seemed like all I was hearing about was these adult colouring books – literally everyone I spoke to was raving about them and how kept telling me how calming they where so I decided to get one. I got the Secret Garden colouring book by Johanna Basford and honestly I think this is perhaps the best purchase I’ve ever made! I honestly am not even an arty person – before I took my options in year nine I was like a level 4 in art (not so good😂) – but I genuinely love it.

IMG_6157 [66798].jpg
The detail that goes into this book is crazy, when you take of the cover there’s a beautiful design on the outside of the book and inside the cover is yet another intricate floral pattern. Each page is completely different and absolutely beautiful!

IMG_6162 [66808]I also love how there are mazes to colour in on some pages in case you fancy doing a little puzzle, and for the arty people out there, there are a few pages where you can add to the design too (I’m personally staying away from those pages because my 7 year old cousin draws better than me – literally).
IMG_6161 [66806].JPGThis book is also great for relaxing too, personally I can get REALLY stressed sometimes and have suffered from anxiety, anxiety attacks and panic attacks for a very long time and this is one of the only things that can calm me down when I’m feeling particularly anxious. If like me your in year 11 and facing your GCSE’s or facing any exams really this book is great for taking a time out from revision when it gets a little bit overwhelming. Or, if you suffer from anxiety like I do, this is so great for getting your mind to switch off for a moment!

IMG_6160 [66804].JPGIf your a stressed, arty or anxious person I would seriously recommend this. Actually I’d recommend this even if your not any of those things – it’s simply that good! With all the drawing in here to do I don’t think I’ll ever finish it to be honest but if I do I will definitely be purchasing another of Johanna Basford’s books!

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