Stila in the light palete

Hi again;

So firstly I just wanted to say sorry that this post is a little late, I’ve just had an awful week and so haven’t had any time to blog but I just had to blog after going through my make up collection and stumbling across my beloved Stila in the light palette as it’s a palette I absolutely love, as you can see from the picture above it is very well loved — and used.

IMG_5396 [99732]If your even remotely interested in high end eye shadows the chances are you will have already heard people raving about how amazing Stila eye shadows are – because lets be honest when it comes to eye-shadow, Stila’s are pretty incredible. I’m generally quite picky with my eye shadows just because I love eye shadow and love applying them so I like to use eye shadows I know are good quality and are very bendable and so I tend to stick to Estee lauder, Stila, M.A.C and of course Urban Decay (if like me you love Urban Decay eye shadows I have done a blog post on the Vice 4 palette if you want to check it out) Estee lauder, Stila M.A.C and Urban decay are all brands I would seriously recommend but if your on a budget Sleek do some beautiful eye shadow palettes too which are just slightly less long wearing.

IMG_5395 [99730]The palette contains all the basic shades that you need which is why I always take it if I’m
going away for the weekend. There are 2 glistening gold shades, kitten and bubbly, 2 shimmery darker neutral shades, sunset and glitterd gold, 2 matte neutrals, bliss and sandstone, and three darker shades that are perfect for a dramatic smoky eye, ebony, night sky and lustre.  With this palette you can create dramatic smoky eyes for a night out to glistening goddess eye looks for a day out shopping with your best friend – you seriously can do so much with it!!!!

FullSizeRender [99724]Personally my favourite shade is kitten, a shade that Stila are famous for, which is just so beautiful! It’s such a flattering colour that makes your eyes look really healthy and happy, I like to use it over my lid with bare in my inner corner with glitted gold in my crease and toward the outer corner of my eye with a little bit of sandstone at the very outer corner of my eye, it’s a look I wear quite often in the spring and summer that is just divine.

FullSizeRender [99734]

Untitled design (1)These eye shadows are crazy blendable which is great when using a several eye shadows in one look and also helps a smoky eye look that little bit more glamorous as sometimes I think that when some people do Untitled design (2)smoky eyes they’re not always properly blended and can sometimes end up looking very patchy or crazy heavy which isn’t a good look so in my opinion blendable eye shadows are an FullSizeRender [99742]essential for when doing a smoky eye and as this pallet has the great colours to do a smoky eye with, it’s perfect. Each shade is also really pigmented but unfortunately they aren’t as long wearing as Urban Decay or Estee Lauder eye shadows so I wouldn’t recommend them if you need them to last all day but they are still great.

I absolutely love this palette and is one that I have had for ages and I’m still not tired of it! I really hope you liked this blog – thank you so much for reading and please subscribe and like this post if you did, and if there are any other blog posts you’d like to see from me please let me know in the comments.

Bye for now,

Cloudy x



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