50 facts about me


Hi again;

As I’ve been blogging for 1 month I figured that I’d do a 50 facts about me post so that you can learn a little bit more about me – hope you enjoy!!!!

  1. My birthday is the 3rd December 1999 (making me 16 years old)
  2. I am an eighth welsh
  3. My favourite celebrity is Demi Lovarto
  4. My favourite song is Demons by Imagine Dragons
  5. I have performed on the west end
  6. I’m obsessed with pretty little liars
  7. My favourite female youtuber is Zoella
  8. My favourite male youtuber is Caspar Lee
  9. My favourite shop is Selfridges12_Selfridges_logo_1_1.jpg
  10. My favourite (just) clothing store is Topshop (or Urban Outfitter I can’t decide)
  11. My favourite beauty product is the sleek face form palette in light
  12. I absolutely love eyebrows (random I know)
  13. My favourite film is the perks of being the wallflower
  14. My favourite book is All the bright places by Jennifer Niven
  15. I’m scared of cats c78a8fa4a4bf6337ae3e076deb4e83b8
  16. I’m also scared of hights
  17. I hate internet explorer – Chrome is sooooo much better
  18. My favourite place to go shopping is most definitely The Trafford Centre
  19. My favourite smell is mango
  20. I own 2 size 24 dressing gowns despite being a size 8
  21. I want to move to London when I finish Uni and eventually move to the USA
  22. I love Ted Baker hand cream (it’s literally the best thing in my life)
  23. My favourite subject is Spanish despite it being my worst one
  24. I want to be a doctor
  25. I also want to start a youtube channel
  26. And write  book
  27. And travel the world
  28. I have really bad anxiety
  29. I have really bad panic attacks
  30. and anxiety attacks
  31. I have a huge knot in my hair
  32. I am dyslexic
  33. On the 24th of June I am dying my pink as it is the day after prom and I want to do something wild
  34. My favourite social media is Pinteresttumblr_lvozrcKoz91qi6kgto1_500
  35. My favourite quote is “love is louder than the pressure to be perfect”
  36. I have two brothers
  37. I have a Labrador called Maisy with a weird nose (it’a really weird)
  38. My favourite dog breed is St. Bernards
  39. I am going to be taking part in NCS this summer
  40. As a consequence I’m going to meet David Cameron
  41. I am taking Biology, Chemistry and Maths at A-Level
  42. My favourite colour is lime green
  43. My favourite food is chocolate
  44. I only drink milk straight after brushing my teeth
  45. I had braces for 2 years (ouch!!!!!)
  46. I hate fake accents with a passion
  47. My favourite word is anticipate
  48. I hate the word button
  49. I hate buttons
  50. I love cheese and apple crackers


I hope you enjoyed this blog post, please like and subscribe if you did!

Cloudy x


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