January 2016 Favourites <3

FullSizeRender [56185].jpgHi again;

IMG_5793 [150113].JPGI’ve now been blogging for a month which is pretty exiting considering I usually give up on pretty much everything after 2 days, but I’m enjoying blogging way too much to stop so I definitely won’t be giving up any time soon. So as I’ve been blogging for a month I thought it was only right that I do a monthly favourites blog post.
FullSizeRender [56189].jpgAnyone that knows me knows that if there is one thing I love (beauty wise) it’s a good eyebrow. This may seem sad or pathetic but I do love eyebrows and filling in my eyebrows is definitely my favourite part of applying my make-up and this month has been no exception. I’ve been using Soap and Glory’s D.I.Y brow
 and Maybeline’s Brow Drama and Oh My God!!! I’ve noticed such a difference I how my eyebrows look. Not only FullSizeRender [56205].jpgdo I have more freedom with the shape of my eyebrows that I want to have with a certain look, but I also now have thick – but still natural looking – eyebrows that last ALL DAY LONG. I just love these two products and genuinely don’t know what I’d do without them – and the best part is as they’re drug store products they’re super cheap!

38b9d08c5eb91acaef65f15e7d7347f1I’ve also been loving the film The Breakfast Club. The thing I love about this flim is that
every single time I watch it I love it more and more and I find the characters more and FullSizeRender [56187].jpgmore funny. If you’ve already watched it and weren’t a HUGE fan of it I’d seriously recommend you giving it a second chance. The first time I watched it I really enjoyed but didn’t think it was anything spectacular but as I always do I watched it again as soon as it was finished and absolutely loved it. I would seriously recommend and if your reading this Liv (my best friend) thank you so much for getting me this for christmas I love it!!!!!

FullSizeRender [56209].jpgThis month I’ve really been loving Katy Perry’s perfume Katy Perry Killer Queen, I’m personally not a huge fan of really musky scents but I’ve noticed recently a LOT of perfumes are very musky and so finding a perfume I like is really hard, but this perfume is perfect for me – it’s quite a floral fragrance with berry undertones but isn’t as sweet as her MAD potion perfume that although I love is just a bit too sweet for my taste.

FullSizeRender [56193].jpgIf I’m being honest this month has been a month of beauty, beauty, beauty and I have been loving lots of new products. The Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation is one of the products I’ve been loving. I mentioned this a few weeks ago in my Top 5 foundations blog post and since then I’ve grown to love it more and more – I cannot recommend this enough!!!!

FullSizeRender [56203].jpgUnfortunately this next product was a limited edition and so isn’t in store any more but I love it so much I just had to mention it, it’s MAC’s Toledo blush ombre in kindergarten red, I managed to get it at an outlet store a few months ago so if you see it any where I’d seriously recommend you grab one but it’s great. It leaves a gorgeous natural looking matte pink hue to your skin.

FullSizeRender [150093] I’ve also been loving Sleek’s face form palette in light, this palette gives such a natural contour, blush and highlight that complement each other beautifully – I absolutely love it. These are the only highlight and contour I use, what I love most about them is that they give a beautiful – but still natural finish but as they’re quite buildible you can go for a slightly stronger more intense look too!!!!!

downloadAnother film I’ve been loving this month is The Perks of Being a Wallflower. This is a film I’ve been obsessed with for about a year and a half and I just can’t get enough of it, it’s definitely my favourite film — of all time. I just cannot get enough of it – I literally know it word for word – no lie I actually do. I really relate to Charlie with a lot of things in the film and even if you don’t a big part of this film is about how hard going through high school is and lets be honest who can’t relate to that? I absolutely love it and I would seriously recommend it.
IMG_6142 [56199].JPGAs you may already know if you read my Vice 4 palette blog post I’ve been loving Urban Decays Vice 4 palette – at the minute I use it every single time I do my makeup, the shadows are such good quality and their are so many different shades it’s a staple in my makeup collection – if you wanna know a little bit more about it I’ve done a blog post on it so go check it out!!!

FullSizeRender [56201].jpg
A few other things I’ve been loving this month are the sigma brushes FullSizeRender [56211].jpgspecifically the F60 foundation brush and the F40 large angled contour brush – they’re really great and very easy to wash which personally, I find really great because if there’s one thing I hate it’s washing make up brushes but these wash nicely and quickly which is really handy and I really like.
Some slightly more random things I’ve been loving this month are Te
d Bakers Pink body spray, Ted bakers pink hand cream and wax melts. I know these are all a little bit random but I’ve just been really enjoying using them. They all smell nice and are all a little bit random and I just love them.

FullSizeRender [150119].jpgLast – but definitely not least on my January 2016 favourites is Kiko’s amazing long eyes plus active Mascara – this product I cannot recommend enough. I have quite volumous short lashes so this mascara really helps my lashes look long and volumous without any clumps. It lasts all day (and longer – sometimes I’ll wash off my make-up at night and still have some of this on the next morning) it’s just brilliant. I LOVE IT!!!!!FullSizeRender [150121].jpg

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post

Bye for now,

Cloudy x


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