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Hi again;

So if you’ve read any of my previous blog posts you’ll probably already know that I love all things makeup and I thought that as I love makeup so much it’d be really really fun to do a everyday makeup look blog post so I really hope you like this post!!!! Other than the lipstick and eyeshadow this is the makeup that I wear every single day – and the lipstick and eyeshadow are what I wear all the time when I’m not in school. I’m a real fan of natural dewy looking base, a strong brow and a fairly (but not too) neutral lip, and so that’s the kind of look I go for on a day to day basis.

IMG_5911 [1299]So before I do anything makeup-wise I prep my face with Simple’s Spotless Skin Anti-Blemish Moisturiser, I love this moisturiser as it is absorbed by the skin very quickly and immediately makes my skin feel brand new!!! I’ve noticed that ever since using it I’ve not actually had a bad breakout of spots which I always used to get. This moisturiser helps get rid of spots but also prevents spots from appearing in the first place. If you have sensitive skin I’d seriously recommend this as I can literally only use 3 brands of skin care products with my skin as sensitive as it is — but not only is my skin fine with this it works really well on my skin too!!!!

IMG_5918 [1301]I then prime my face with Benefit’s POREfessional face primer balm, I apply this using my fingers to my cheeks and forehead to help my makeup last longer and apply much more easily. I tend not to apply it on my nose or cheeks as I have really bad pores there and I find that this often makes my foundation really cakey around my pores in these areas.


IMG_5931 [1305].JPG
How serious do I look in this picture????
I then apply my foundation. I’m using my trusty Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in the shade 010. This is a foundation I absolutely love and if you want to know a little bit more about it I’ve mentioned it in greater detail in my January 2016 favourites and in my Top 3 foundations blog posts. I uses 2 pumps and apply it using my Sigma F60 foundation brush. Previously I’d been using Real Technique’s expert face brush but I prefer using this as I find I get better coverage and is much easier to clean.


IMG_5936 [1311]IMG_5933 [1307]I then apply my Revlon Colourstay Concealer in the shade light to all of my blemishes. This shade is crazy yellow toned and so is great at cancelling out any redness but needs buffing in to blend the yellow tones in with my IMG_5934 [1309]actual skin colour. I’m using Real Technique’s Expert Face brush to buff it into the skin and then using the Real Technique’s buffing brush from their core collection to blend the yellow with my foundation so I don’t look like I have yellow polka dots on my face.

IMG_5940 [1313]I’m then gunna use my Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in the shade translucent and my Sigma F30 Large Powder Brush and giving my face a good ol’ powdering to set my foundation and concealer concentrating particularly on my T-Zone and under my eyes. I’ve never actually used a different powder to this so I can’t really comment on whether I think it’s better than any other powders it most certainly stops my makeup from moving which is a real life saver. I absolutely love this brush as it is just so soft and fluffy and feels great on my skin when I’m applying my powder.

IMG_5945 [1315]I then dusted my very well used bronzer – Hoola by benefit – on all the places where the sun would naturally hit my face: my temples, cheek bones, chin, jaw line, nose and down my neck. This bronzer is blooming beautiful, it gives such a natural finish and is really buildible which I find a really great quality in a bronzer – I really rate benefit powders they last all day long and give a gorgeous finish!!!!

IMG_5966 [1331]IMG_5950 [1317].JPGNext, using my BEAUTIFUL sleek contour from my Sleek Face Form Palette in light, my Real Techniques detailer brush and my Sigma F40 Large Contour Brush I apply my contour. I start off by using the detailer brush to contour my nose aIMG_5953 [1319].JPGnd chin, I use quite a large amount of contour and then buff it in. For my
chin I basically ‘draw’ a big circle around my chin and add a touch of highlight in the centre to give the impression that I have a nice plump cherry chin. For IMG_5954 [1321]my nose I ‘draw’ a line either side of my nose to try to make my nose look lovely and thin. I also add a touch of highliIMG_5960 [1327].JPGght to try to minimise the bump on my nose. I then use my large contour brush to contour just under my cheek bones and just under my jawline then buff it in so it doesn’t look too intense. This is a great natural looking, buildable, contour and I would seriously suggest getting one as it’s just too good not to!!!!

IMG_5983 [1337]
Yes – I am the wierdo kissing the blusher 😂😂😂 – but to be fair it is a great blush!!!!
I then applied my VERY well loved Soap and Glory Love at first Blush using my Real Techniques Cheek Brush. This blush is one of my all time favourites particularly for spring and summer time- it gives a gorgeous pink shimmering glow to your cheeks and although it may not be the most natural blush in the world it just looks absolutely stunning!!!

IMG_5989 [1339]I then apply my highlight using Real Techniques contour brush, the highlight I’m using is the highlight from my face form palette I used earlier for contour. I apply the highlight on my cheek bones, on my forehead and on my chin — basically all the places the light would naturally hit my face. This highlight is so pretty – it has a beautiful hint of gold but not too much to look tacky or fake – it just looks like you have naturally beautiful health skin — and let’s be honest who doesn’t want that???

IMG_5998 [1341].JPGNow it’s nearly time for my second favourite part of applying my makeup – applying eyeshadow!!!!! But first I ALWAYS apply eye-primer. My favourite eye-primer has to be Urban Decay’s Sin Eyeshadow Primer Potion although I love all of the Urban Decay Primer potions my favourite has to be sin – I feel like this one just works best for me and makes my eyeshadow look the nicest and stay the longest.

IMG_6009 [1347]I then apply the shade Strawberry Ice from my TooFaced Sugar Pop Eyeshadow palette all over my eyelid as a base . I really like the consistency too faced eyeshadows as I find they just glide onto the lid really easily without any fuss and they stay in place all day long!!!! (I feel like I’ve said all day long a lot in this blog post but a lot of the products I use do last all day long so ….)

IMG_6022 [32898]I then just dust a little bit of the shade Harlot from my Vice 4 Palette (if you want to hear a little bit more about the vice 4 palette check out my Vice 4 Palette blog post) toward the outer part of my lid just to build up a little bit more colour on my lid.

IMG_6026 [1351].JPGI’m then going to add a little bit of the shade blackberry into my crease using the Sigma E40 tapered blending brush to a little bit more dimension to this look. I really love this shade I just think it’s soooooo pretty and can be used with so many different looks. It’s just vvvvvveeeeerrrrrryyyyyy pretty!!!!


IMG_6027 [1353].JPG
Extremely awkward pout – Ew 😂😂😂
To finish off the eyeshadow look I’m just adding a teeny tiny bit of this very pretty white shade from my Estee Lauder eyeshadow palette into the inner corner of my eye. I absolutely adore Estee Lauder eyeshadows but as they’re so expensive I only buy them when I fancy treating myself or if it’s just been my birthday or christmas. But honestly they are worth every penny – the pigmentation is unreal, and they are so long wearing it’s ridiculous and they’re just brilliant eyeshadows.


So that’s my eyeshadow done and for some strange reason I decided it would be a good time to do my eyebrows — don’t really know why but I guess doing thing in the logical order is overrated.

IMG_6045 [1369].JPGIMG_6036 [1359]When filling in my brows I start off by outlining the shape of my eyebrow with my beloved Soap and Glory D-I-Y Brow Bar powder. I do this using a angled eye liner brush by IMG_6040 [1365].JPGecotools (a brand of brushes I really rate) and then lightly fill
them in with my Sigma E30 Pencil Brush. After doing this I apply the highlight from the Brow Bar on my brow bone and above my eyebrow for more definition. (And yes – in case you were wondering – I am aware that right now I have major scouse brows but trust me when I’ve done the rest of my makeup it looks fine)

IMG_6051 [1371].JPGI finish my eyebrows just by adding a little bit of my Maybelline brow drama just to set my eyebrows in place.

IMG_6054 [1373].JPGUsing my Revlon Colourstay Skinny Liquid Liner I’ve added winged eyeliner to my eye-makeup look. I absolutely love this eyeliner, it’s really thin and precise, it lasts all day and it’s waterproof!!!! I also love how you can’t feel it during the day because I feel like with a lot of liquid liners you can feel it on your eyelid which can be quite annoying.

IMG_6061 [1379].JPGIMG_6066 [1383].JPG

I then applied my mascara – Kiko’s Longeyes Plus Active Mascara – which is honestly the best mascara I’ve ever tried.

IMG_6070 [1385].JPGLast but certainly not least I apply my M.A.C See Sheer Lustre Lipstick which I absolutely adore!!!!

IMG_6081 [1403].JPG

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post please like it and/or subscribe if you did. If you’d like to see more makeup looks from me then let me know in the comments.

Bye for now,

Cloudy x


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