February 2016 favourites <3

Hello again you lovely human;

So the last day or two I’ve been feeling really down as me and my old friendship group are on really good terms now and I guess that really makes me want to go back and be a part of that group again but I also think that maybe they’re all happier without me 😩😩 but then I remembered it’s the end of February and so I can get writing my favourite blog post – my monthly favourites ❤ (just realised there was an accidental pun there which just made me really happy 😂😂😂)

FullSizeRender [43108].jpgSo number 1 on my favourites list is a little bit of a random favourite — but lets be honest random favourites are really the best ones right? So number 1 is my Body Shop Born Lippy Pot Lip Balm in Satsuma Shimmer, I don’t know whether it’s just the time of year or maybe I’m a little bit dehydrated after all my dancing but I’ve had really dry lips for the last week or so and it has been so uncomfortable and the only lip balm that has eased my pain (I know that might sound dramatic but it’s actually been agony 😂😂😂). I love all body shop products particularly their amazing body butters and this lip balm is no exception. I’m a huge fan of the orangey scent (if that’s the right word to use) and it really hydrates your lips. I have noticed since using it I’ve had a lot of dead skin come off of my lips which I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing but I’ve found that really great as my lips have felt really tight since they’ve been so dry but once the dead skin started coming of them they’ve felt much softer and healthier (btw sorry if that all sounded disgusting but it’s the truth)

So another (probably more) random favourite are cardigans. I’ve recently bought two from Miss Selfridge (which for some reason aren’t on the website so I can’t link them sorry) which I’ve been wearing loads. I’ve never really been a cardigan kinda gal till now  but who knows maybe 2016 is the year of cardigans!? I usually wear them with a cute lil’ crop top or a top tucked into jeans and my converse and it just looks very cute and aesthetically pleasing (as my fabulous friend Anna would say).

Two eye-shadow palettes I’ve been loving this month are Stila’s in the Light Palette  (which I’ve done a blog post here)  and Urban Decay’s Naked Palette I won’t really go into huge detail on Stila’s palette as I have done a blog post on it but I have been using it quite a lot with my Naked palette this month so I simply had to mention it. But OMG can we please just appreciate the amazingness (yes I’m aware that that’s not a real word) that is Urban Decay’s Naked palette. My amazing friends got it me for my birthday in December and ever since I’ve been OBSESSED but this month in particular I have been going for slightly more neutral looks this month with some very pretty winged eyeliner and this palette has been perfect for job. The eyeshadows are so very pigmented, never crease or fade and have a really nice texture which sounds a bit odd but if you try it out you’ll get what I mean. I love to use the shade Virgin on the inner corners, Naked on the lid and Sandstone from the In the Light Palette in the crease and it all just looks very pretty.

I’ve also been loving this fabulous eyebrow brush from Primark – yes you read it right Primark for £1!!!! I’m not gunna lie – I can be a bit of a makeup snob (meaning that I do like to but higher end products) but I also love a bargain and I had an extra pound to spend so I thought why not? An my pound was not wasted, this brush is amazing, it makes it so much easier for me to tame my wild (but slightly wonderful when they cooperate) brows. If your on a budget or have crazy brows like me go check out primark’s selection of makeup brushes because you won’t be disappointed.

FullSizeRender [43110]So my next favourite is quite a new product to my collection, it is Benefit’s That Gal primer, I got it as part of a christmas present from one of my very close friends and only got round to trying it out in late January. At first I was a little nervous to use this as it’s pink in colour and so I was scared it would make my redness even more noticeable but boy was I wrong. This product makes my makeup have crazy good coverage – like honest it’s ridiculous how much better the coverage is and how much more smoothly my foundation goes onto my skin. It really minimises pores and makes my makeup last so much longer. The only thing slightly negative I have to say about this primer is that it does make the finish of my makeup slightly more matte and I just am not a fan of a matte finish on my face — it just doesn’t suit me personally, but as it only slightly mattifies my face this really doesn’t bother me and really shouldn’t put you off this AMAZING primer!!!!

So this month I’ve been loving quite a few different lip products for a few different reasons and they’re all completely different. The first I have been using a lot — and I mean a lot.  It is LOreal’s Infallible 24hr Lip Colour in the shade 113 invincible sable now I’m going to be honest with you I’m not actually the greatest fan of the colour- although I’m always FullSizeRender [43149]reaching for it the colour isn’t really a shade I’d always go for, it’s very (and I mean very) nude. The shade is a dark nudey/brown colour whereas I find red or pink shades suit my skin tone much better but despite this I absolutely love it. It’s quite matte when you first applyFullSizeRender [43106].jpg the liquid lipstick but if a matte lip isn’t really your thing the other end of the product allows you to add plenty of shine (I personally think with this shade the matter the better). The colour stays all day – and I mean all day – I think this is why I always reach for it if I’m being honest, I genuinley sometimes struggle to get it off it’s simply that good. I’m most certainly going to invest in some new shades of this product because honestly I am in love with it. The only thing I would say to be weary of is that as it is a liquid lipstick it can sometimes feel  quite drying on the lips so I either apply some of the other end of the product so my lips feel more hydrated or if I want a quite matte finish I’ll apply lip balm first.

FullSizeRender [43138]FullSizeRender [43102].jpgFullSizeRender [43134].jpgThe second lip product is my M.A.C See Sheer Lustre Lipstick, I recently used this lipstick in my Everyday Makeup Look, I adore this lipstick the colour just really suits me and isn’t too bold but still adds a pop of colour to any makeup look. This is definetly my go to lipstick for going out and about
unless I’m going out for a meal or something in which case I use my LOreal infallible 24hr lip colour. Like all M.A.C lipsticks it applys really nicely and has a lovely finish, as it is a lustre lipstick it’s not crazy pigmented so it perfect if your not going for a bold lip but it is very build able and is just super pretty.

FullSizeRender [43146]
My final lip product I’ve been using this month is very much an old friend of mine – this is actually the FullSizeRender [43140].jpgsecond lipstick I ever bought after hearing so many people raving about the Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks – it is my very well loved (and very well used) Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in the shade 05. Its jFullSizeRender [43116].jpgust very pretty, it’s quite pink and so looks lovely with some very pretty pink blush and fluttering eyelashes. I do love this shade and it’s really easy to pull off — like all Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks the formulation is amazing and it smells great, it also has really good staying power considering it’s not a matte lipstick and it’s drugstore – in fact it probably has better staying power that my M.A.C See Sheer.

FullSizeRender [43120].jpgNow it’s time for another very random favourite of mine, it’s these cute little bobbly things – a while ago everyone went crazy over them and I didn’t really see the big fuss I mean they don’t kink your hair well done 👏👏👏👏 what’s the big fuss 💁💁💁 but this month I’ve just found myself reaching for them as a slightly less boring alternative to the standard bobble and just make your average pony tail a little bit more …. interesting. The pack I’ve got are from Primark and I’m planning on going back asap to get some more colours.

FullSizeRender [43104].jpgSo after this next favourite your probably going to be think – woah gurl loosen the purse strings a little but I love a bargain so whatever. It’s my new makeup sponge from Poundland – yes Poundland. But I was just in there and thought I’d pick one up, I’ve been reading loads of blog posts about how much everyone loves these and so I thought why not? I just didn’t want to waste my money on a really expensive one and then hate it so I bought this bad boy and I love it, I will definitely be going back to Poundland and buying some more as they do loads in different shapes to. I find this particularly handy for applying my foundation as you can really get into all the nooks and crannies of your face and you don’t need to buff in any lines because you don’t have any! My only slight complaint is that my foundation has a little less coverage when using this which at the minute is a little bit problematic as I’m having a major breakout but other than that everything is peachy perfect.

FullSizeRender [43100].jpgMy next favourite is my Revlon Colourstay Skinny Liquid Liner for quite a while now I’ve been using gel eyeliners but after a while I just stopped feeling the benefits from using a gel eyeliner, the product I was using was smudging during the day and faded quite easily and the application of gel eyeliner isn’t always the easiest, particularly when it comes to trying to get a precise winged eyeliner so I decided to go back to a liquid liner, I personally really don’t like pen liners I find them really tricky and very temperamental so I decided to pick this up when I was last at boots. The applicator is a dream to work with – it’s so thin and precise that the application of eyeliner is really quite easy and the actually product lasts all day. It does have a slight tingling sensation while drying but it’s a good kind’ve tingling which I don’t really mind. I’ve found that my eyeliner now stays in place all day and doesn’t fade which I was very pleasantly surprised at as I feel like liquid eyeliners are quite often poorer quality than gel, but with this product that certainly not the case.

IMG_8842 [43124].JPGI have also been loving my MAC Toledo Blush in Kindergarten Red which is a very pretty matte blush and I’ve basically been using it everyday this month. If you want to here a little bit more about this blush I went into quite a lot of detail in my January 2016 Favourites.

This month I’ve Actually really been loving Katy perry’s Mad Potion Perfume – I am a huge fan of Katy Perry perfume as their not really musky and are quite sweet, my favourite is still Killer Queen but i’ve been running very low on it this month and I really need to get some more so I’ve found myself reaching for this more and more. It is a VERY sweet scent and so I try not to apply it in huge amounts but I just have been really loving it this month.

I’ve also found this month that Benefit’s They’re Real Tinted Lash Primer is litterally the stuff of Gods — well eyelash Gods. It just makes my lashed so much longer and fuller and helps my mascara stay on a lot longer. It does take a little longer for my lashes to set but at the end of the day what’s an extra five seconds?

FullSizeRender [43114].jpgSo my final favourite is Garnier’s Pure 3-in-1 wash, scrub and mask. I’m a huge fan of Garnier skin care I just find that it works really well for my skin, I know everyone’s skin is different and so different products work better for different people and Garnier just really works for me. My skin tone is so much more even and my pores are just crazy minimised.

So yep this was my monthly favourites blog post, I really hope you liked it — if you did please give it a big ol’ thumbs up and follow my blog for more!

Also does anyone know of any really good high coverage foundations that aren’t too matte? And do you have anyone have any recommendations for a new powder I’m looking for a better powder and a foundation with higher coverage to try to cover all of my spots 😂😂😂

Bye for now,

Cloudy x


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