Boots haul – first impressions

Hello again you lovely human;

So today I fancied doing a little haul as I’ve recently added quite a few new products to my (slightly too big) makeup collections so I thought I would share these products with you and my first impressions on them as I have tried each product at least once.

So the first produFullSizeRender [259177]ct I picked up is a product I constantly hear people raving about — it’s Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation. At £10.99it’s at the pricer end of drugstore beauty but honestly in the grand plan of things it’s not all that expensive is it? Now the first thing I did notice was the colour on me was really good, it was yellow toned — but not too yellow toned– but was also very pale and so matched my bodies skin colour almost perfectly and so colour wise I was very pleased. The formulation felt very heavy on my skin which I di
dn’t really like and the overall finish was just not good. The foundation for me had really poor coverage, wasn’t buildible in the slightist, did not blend well and was VERY patchy. To say I wasn’t impressed is a serious understatement. I have since tried the foundation as generally I like to try a product 3 times before making my final judgement on how much I like something and the results, although not great, were better and so although I wouldn’t necessarily reach for this product from my makeup collection and will most definitely not be buying another I will use it from time to time.

FullSizeRender [259175].jpgSo the next two products I picked up were also from bourjois and I was much more impressed. I got the Bourjois Little Round Pot Blushes. I got the shades 48 Ashes of Roses and 16 Love-Struck rose.  48 is probably my favourite of the two and I absolutely love it. It’s a really pretty matte barbie pink shade which was a colour I really wanted. I
FullSizeRender [259179]am a huge fan of matte blushes because I think they look really natural and just really pretty and this blush is just that. It’s so natural and pretty and just generally looks great.The second shade is seriously beautiful and looks amazing on the cheeks – it’s a kind of shimmery peach and I can tell you now I will be rocking this when it comes to summer time. My only teeny-tiny complaint about this blush is that it is slightly less long wearing than the other shade and after a while goes really patchy and ew but is still super pretty providing you don’t need it to last too long.

IMG_1350 [259199].JPGSo this may seem like I’ve bought A LOT of bourjois -which of course I have – but this is the last product from their range I promise. I picked up their Poudre de riz de rice which is basically a loose mineral face powder. Now the main thing that attracted me to this product is that it says that it is a illuminating face powder and as you probably know if you’ve reFullSizeRender [259187].jpgad some of my previous blog post I am not a fan of the whole really matte look – I just does not look good on me if I’m being honest with you so I much prefer a dewy look. And OMG I freaking love this powder. It adds a really nice sheen to your skin without looking like you’ve covered your face in highlight and makes my makeup stay in place all day long — like seriously all day! The powder smells really nice actually and is a pinky kinda colour but when applied to the skin looks translucent. I genuinely don’t have a bad word to say about this — in my opinion it’s perfect.

FullSizeRender [259209].jpg
left to right – Loreal concealer (later mentioned), bourjois foundation, max factor corrector (later mentioned), max factor foundation

After rading bourjois I headed over to the Max Factor counter. I absolutely love Max Factor it’s probably my favourite drug store brand. It is on the more expensive end of drug store but lets be honest when you compare their prices to the likes of Urban Decay or Charlotte Tilbury the prices seem VERY reasonable. I also love how good quality each of their products are and am yet to try one that I’ve thought ‘what on earth is this piece of rubbish’ about. So I picked up the Max Factor Face Infinity All Day Flawless 3 in 1 Foundation. Now I actually bought this after my friend Laura recommended it to me after I was saying how much I was in need of a full coverage foundation and she always – and I mean always – has great suggestions for whatever I’m in need of and so I simply had to give it a go. I absolutely love it! The coverage is like no other foundation I’ve tried before but it’s definitely not cakey. It is very long lasting and is just pretty much perfect overall. It is a demi-matte finish so I’ve been using it with the bourjois powder and using the two together just looks so amazing and is really natural looking so I’ve actually worn these two together everyday for the last week and have never once been disappointed with how amazing my makeup looks.

FullSizeRender [259197].jpgAlso from Max Factor, I picked up one of their Colour corrector Sticks in green and I am very impressed. It cancels out the majority of redness on my face and blends really well. I absolutely love it as now the majority of my redness is nowhere to be seen — the only slight criticism is that you really have to powder it if you want it to stay on all day as I have noticed it can move a little throughout the day.

FullSizeRender [259207].jpgI then headed over to LOreal, I have had a very much love hate relationship with this brand. Some of their products I love and use often and others just don’t really work for me and have left me a little unimpressed. I picked up their True Match Touche Magique Concealer. Being honest I have only tried this once but I am very impressed. It’s a highlighting concealer so is perfect for under eyes. I really like the applicator because it’s a little brush put you spin the bottom and the product pushes up which means that you don’t end up squeezing way too much out so when it comes to first impressions with this product — I am impressed.

IMG_1329 [259171].JPGI also picked up a lipstick from LOreal. I bought the LOrel colour riche lipstick in the shade 630 beige a nu. Which foe some reason isnt on the boots website so I can’t link it sorry. But OMG this lipstick is AMAZING. It’s a beautiful orange toned pinky nude and is a very moisturising lipstick. I personally just don’t like sheeny lip colours but this is natural and moisturising rather than sheen o’clock which I love because unlike matte lipsticks it doesn’t dry my lips but has a nice thick consistency like matte lipsticks so is crazy pigmented. I am a huge fan of this lipstick overall which I was very happy about because I have tried other LOreal lipsicks from the same collection but they didn’t apply to the lips well and weren’t very pigmented despite being beautiful shades and swatching really well.

Now I don’t really know what to call this next product. It’s LOreal’s Infallible Matte Max Lipstick in the shade 001 silencio. Being honest I would not call this a lipstick simply because of the applicator. Instead of being like a normal lipstick the applicator is a sponge and the product is on it and you apply it using the sponge. It’s really weird but I actually really like the concept of it. The colour is quite similar to my mac see sheer lipstick which is one of my all time faves but it matte and more of a burnt orange colour. The application of the product – not gunna lie – is weird until you get your head around it but the product is distributed much more evenly and feels completely seamless on the lips. I am a fan of this although I’m not sure if I’ll be picking up another one of these any time soon because I still prefer the classic lipstick.

So then I went and picked up yet another lip colour but this time from maybelline. I picked up one of their Colour Sensation Pearl Lipsticks in the shade 842 rosewood pearl. Now I’m gunna be honest with you – I love the shade – but the main reason why I chose this out of the many lip colours maybelline had on offer was because of the name reminding me of PLL. I do love this colour and the consistency is great but unfortunately the shade is way too sheeny for my liking.

FullSizeRender [259195].jpg
left to right – loreal silencio, maybelline rosewood pearl, loreal beige a nu

Now for the final two products. From maybelline I picked up their Brow Drama Crayon and their Brow Satin Eyebrow Pencil both in the shade dark blonde. I absolutley adore these two products I seriously recommend them. I have had SO many compliments on my eyebrows since I started using these and am thouroughly impressed.

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post

Until next time,

Cloudy x

(Ps. If you wanna hear a little more from me check out my twitter @cloudyblogger)


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