Urban Decay Naked Palette Review

Hello again you fabulous human;

So first off Happy Easter!!!! I hope your having a fabulous day stuffing yourself full of chocolatey goodness. So I thought I would have a day off revision (YAY!!!!) and get blogging. Urban Decay’s Naked Palette  is a absolute staple in my makeup collection and genuinely don’t know what I’d do without it so I thought what better than to do a review on it for y’all?

IMG_2231 [336465].jpgThis the perfect collection of neutral tones which can create thousands of different looks for thousands of different occasions. From sultry smokiness to beautiful bronzed eyes this palette has got you covered. It really does contain every kind of neutral, bronzey, goldy shades that you could possibly need. This palette is perfect for everyone – no matter how extensive your makeup collection or what kind of looks your into.

IMG_2240 [336483]The first two shade, Virgin and Sin are both shade that are really light and brightening so are great for use in the inner corners as they brighten your eyes and attract all of the light toward your eyes which of course is where you want people to be looking. They’re also great if you want to go for a really light natural look. I think these often look great with some winged liner and a touch of lipgloss. These are also great colours if your just starting wearing eyeshadow and so aren’t too confident with darker shades just yet.

IMG_2233 [336469].jpgNaked, Sidecar and Buck are your three very classic neutrals. Naked is a light matte sandy colour which is perfect as a base or all over the lid with a darker shade in the crease. Sidecar is a much more shimmer glittery shadow. It’s beautiful and glittery and generally beautiful. It is a little darker than Naked so I don’t really think it’d work as a base. 9/10 times I use it on the lid but if I’m using a shade like Sin or Virgin it looks fabUlous in the crease. Buck is a darker matte shade than Naked but is quite similar because it has that same sandy tone to it. I usually use it in the crease with naked on the lid because the two complement each other perfectly and it’s just a look that is just really easy to pull off.

IMG_2242 [336487]The next three shades, Half Baked, Smog, and Darkhorse, are all much more shimmery shades. Half Baked and Smog both have very gold undertones and have lot of lovely golden shimmer in them. Half Baked is your classic pretty golden colour that is perfect for spring and summer that can easily be blended out into pretty much any shade. Smog is a little darker so I tend to wear it mainly in the autumn and winter months but is beautiful nonetheless. Darkhorse is less glittery than the other two shades and isn’t exactly my favourite shade in the palette. It’s probably the only shade I find difficult to work with out of the palette, simply because it is so dark but unlike most darker colours, has that gold undertone. It’s beautiful and I’m sure one day I’ll figure out how to rock this colour but unfortunately for now it’s not a shade I reach for all that much. IMG_2244 [336491].jpg

Toasted and Hustle are a little different from the other colours. Although they are still relatively neutral they are quite pink toned. Both of them are very pretty although maybe not the easiest shades to wear out of the palette. I haven’t wore these colours all too much because I am so obsessed with the other shades so note to self get experimenting with these shades. 

IMG_2247 [336497]Creep and Gunmetal just aren’t my shades – sorry. I’m all about a strong eye but I’m not a fan of such dark shades. Creep is a black with teeny tiny flecks of silver glitter and Gunmetal is a blue tone shimmer grey.

So that is what I make of the shades. Each shadow is super creamy – which yes I know is a weird way to describe powder eyeshadows but they really are. They are very long wearing and crazy pigmented. The palette comes with a double ended eyeshadow brush which I freaking love. The packaging of course is is gorgeous and inside is a lovely mirror.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you’d like me to do more reviews of my eyeshadow palettes let me know in the comments or if you’d like me to do some looks let me know in the comments. Basically let me know in the comments what post you’d like to see from me next.

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Until next time,

Cloudy x


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