How I’m doing things now

Hello again you lovely human;

Recently I’ve been really into reading more blogs and I’ve realised my favourites are jam packed filled with variety. So I’ve deciding I’ll be switching things up a bit to hopefully make the content on this blog more enjoyable for you guys to read.

I’m going to start posting twice a week. One post will be a shorter post – probably no longer than 3 or 4 hundred words. This is because I don’t have limitless time to be writing really really long blogs all the time sorry but I want to be posting more often. I’m also doing this because I know how boring really really long blog posts can be if your simply not in the mood to read super long posts. The second post of the week, however, will be going up on the weekend and will be a little longer if your in the  mood for reading a bit of a longer blog.

I’m going to be switching up the content too. Not just doing favourites and recommendations of my favourite beauty products (which I will certainly still be doing), but doing some other posts like tags and storys and telling you a little more about me.

I hope you guys will like the changes but if not PLEASE let me know in the comments section bellow. If you have any more suggestions please tell me as I always love hearing your opinions on what you think of my blog.

Until next time,

Cloudy x


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