Holy grail products for pale skin

Hello again you lovely human;

I’m one of those slightly unfortunate people who is naturally pale as snow but a little bit of sun can make me very tan. Due to this I have had to try A LOT  of different makeup products to find which suit my VERY pale skin, my half pale half tan skin and my VERY tan skin. So this post is for all of you lovely ladies (and gentlemen) that have VERY pale skin and find it hard to find products that don’t make you look super orange.

The first product is just a general holy grail product for me. It’s Rimmel’s match perfection foundation in 010 light porcelain. I don’t really know why but for this collection of Rimmel foundation the shades are all much lighter even though they have the exact same names as in Rimmels other collections, so the already light ‘light porcelain’ is even lighter. The coverage isn’t too heavy so it blends really well with any pale skin tone. The only thing I would say is that people with paler skin are more likely to have noticeable redness and as it isn’t the best coveredge if you do have redness (like myself) I’d suggest trying a corrector before you apply foundation or making sure your concealer is very high coveredge.

IMG_2413 [18154]So the second product I think is perfect for pale skin is definetly my Naked 3 Palette. I find that pale pinks really complement pale skin tones. The palette contains a mixture of shimmers, mattes and satins so are perfect no matter what your style. It is just a really pretty palette and suits my pale winter – spring skin perfectly. And if your into neutrals or coppery shades then they have a few of them too.IMG_2417 [18156].JPG

IMG_2405 [18152].JPGMAC Diva is a classic shade. It is a beautiful matte, very dark, red. It just looks divine with pale skin. Dark reds and pale skin are a classic combination that if you haven’t already tried out you are seriously missing out. It’s matte which I know some people love and some people hate – personally I’m a lover – but if you hate it a little lipgloss or lip balm will help this colour look perfect even if you don’t love mattes as much as I do. As with all MAC lip products the formulation is divine and it’s just generally a brilliant lipstick.

IMG_2261 [18140].jpgRimmel London’s Match Perfection Illuminating Concealer is one of my favourite concealers – ever. It’s perfect for pale skin tones because the shades aren’t too yellow or pink toned and as it’s illuminating it brightens your face without having to buy a concealer a few shades lighter which if you have paler skin is often very hard to find. The coverage is good and although I’m personally not a fan of the applicator it applies very well and blends like a dream.

IMG_2378 [18150].JPGMy final product for fair skin is a product I have mentioned a thousand times. Yes it’s my Sleek Face Form Palette in light. This product is designed specifically for light skin tones and it is absolute perfection!!! Each shade is really natural and blends beautifully. It works really well with pale skin tones and I seriously recommend it.

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post and that it gave you some inspiration. If you liked it please like it and follow my blog. I really appreciate it!!! And if you have any suggestions or requests for blog posts please let me know in the comments!

Until next time,

Love Cloudy x


4 Replies to “Holy grail products for pale skin”

  1. I’m literally so pale, all year round I don’t even tan 😦 sad times. I don’t feel like red lipstick suites me, however Mac diva is so gorgeous I might have to give it ago as its not that bright it’s quite a deep red 🙂

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