Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Review

FullSizeRender [63725].jpgUrban Decay’s Naked 3 palette is probably my favourite Eyeshadow palette I have to date. Each shadow is absolutely beautiful and super pigmented. As with all Urban Decay shadows, each of the twelve gorgeous eye-shadows in this palette blend like a dream. It is an essential part of my makeup collection and is perfect for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

The packaging is a beautiful rose gold colour which just makes me love it even more. After all who doesn’t love rose gold? The packaging is metal so it is really easy to clean and when you close/open it, it makes a satisfying *click*. It’s also really great for taking places as it isn’t too long but it’s also thin too. Inside you also have a huge mirror which is also super handy if your on the go.

IMG_3209 [63739].JPGThe palette is super versitile as you have matte, satin, shimmery and glittery shadows in it’s contents. The range of colours is also very varied. Although each shade is pink toned (or at least has a dash of pink shimmer in it) every shade is individual and very different from each other. When put together the shades just look divine.IMG_3200 [63729].JPG

Strange is a white that is very slightly pink toned. Perfect for using under the brow bone or in the inner corner.

 Dust is a VERY glittery shimmery pale pink, and is simply very springy.

Burnout is a rose gold satin shadow that is absolutely beautiful and perfect for all you rose gold lovers out there.

Limit is one of the much more neutral shades in the palette. It is a matte pink toned neutral and is perfect if your just starting to wear eyeshadow as it’s really easy to work with.

Buzz like dust is VERY glittery. It’s a beautiful shimmery, glittery barbie pink and compliments dust perfectly.

Trick is another rose gold shade. It’s slightly more on the coppery side of the ‘rose gold spectrum’ and is supper shimmery and pretty.

Nooner is another neutral shade. It’s basically a matte pink toned brown and looks beautiful in the the crease.

Liar is a shimmery, very pink toned brown.

Factory is a very neutral, slightly shimmery brown.

Mugshot is one of my favourite shades out of this palette. It’s a really sheeny, shimmery goldy brown and is absolutely gorgeous all year round. It’s really good if you want to make a look a little more smoky without being like BAM SMOKEY.

Darkside is a satin eyeshadow and is great for night-time looks or a strong smoky eye. It’s very neutral but had a slight pink sheen to it making it  really pretty.

Blackheart is basically a black with a TON of pink glitter in it. It’s not my favourite shade but is lovely and very bendable.

IMG_3204 [63735].JPGUrban Decay is a great brand and the Naked 3 palette is probably my favourite product of theirs that I have tried. I would recommend it to absolutely anyone, it was my very first eyeshadow palette and I haven’t stopped using it since I bought it (which was a VERY long time ago). The collection of colours in the palette makes it really versatile as it contains a huge range of colours. It also comes with a really hand double ended brush which I use all the time.IMG_3207 [63737].JPG

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3 Replies to “Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Review”

  1. I love this palette, but like you said black heart is also my least favourite. However it is really pretty just not my type of colour. My absolute all time favourite is trick, I will use it sometimes on its own or with other colours and it still looks stunning. The brush the palette comes with also is so soft and easy to use. xx

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