How strong is your selfie game really?

Selfies, Selfies and more Selfies – our generation is obsessed with selfies and why not? We all have beautiful faces so we might as show them off right? Of course taking the perfect selfie can be rather challenging so I am bringing you my guide to the snapping the perfect pic.

Step no.1 using the right products 

To take a good selfie, before you do anything make sure your using products that look good on camera. Of course if your going NMM (no makeup monday) you can’t really use any makeup products but there are still tips for looking flawless. But remember no matter what you use, makeup-wise try to look pretty natural because on pictures cakey makeup really shows and just does not look good.

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara 

FullSizeRender [96653].jpgWhen taking photos I always try to make sure my eyebrow game is through the roof. Eyebrows can completely transform your whole face and so are essential at all times, particularly when trying to snap your next profile pic. The beauty of this product is that you can fix the hairs in place so you can decide exactly how you want them to look for the picture without having to worry that they’ll move.If you are going for the NMM pic then just brush them into place with an eyebrow brush.

Sleek Face Form Palette in light

 On pictures I tend to go a little OTT with the highlight just to make my features of my face look stand out a little more and this highlight looks great on photo’s. I do try to tone down the contour though – as I mentioned earlier cakey makeup and photos just don’t mix and contour is one of those things that can look cakey very easily. This contour is really natural and very blendable so is perfect. The blush in this palette is also very natural and looks AMAZING in photos.FullSizeRender [96655].jpg

LOreal’s True Match Touch Magique Concealer

This concealer is really brightening and so when wearing it under the eyes in photos and on my nose and forehead it simply looks devine.

 Step no.2 making sure you makeup looks good on photos

Now this is generally quite easy, if it looks good in real like it tends to look good on photos. But of course I do have a few tips to help you out.

DON’T overline your lips

I am always one to overline my lips. It looks great and if you can do it naturally you may get away with it on photos but 9 times out of 10 in my experience in photos overlined lips just do not look good.

Feel free to go crazy with the highlight12677391_826498657479909_1198661840_n(1).jpg

Providing you don’t put so much on that you look sweaty then highlight always looks amazing in photographs.

Have a strong brow game 

As I said before eyebrows can completely transform you face and so a strong brow came is essential. I tend to go heavier toward the end of my brows and much more natural toward the front.

Buff, buff and buff again

Make sure your face is completely blended and all harsh lines are buffed away to make your face look 10x more natural.

The hair12751097_1744287102469396_1667822963_n(1)

I tend to always have my hair down on photos because I personally think it just looks nicer that way. If you prefer to have it up hower, I’d always say go messy. I tend to go with either a messy pony tail with all my baby hairs pulled out or a bun with some whispy bits pulled out, this just helps the photo look a little more authentic in my experience I and just really love it. But honestly it’s really about what you feel comfortable with.

Taking the photo

12816887_981201545300313_1745330404_nMy honest advice for taking a good selfie is quite simple. Hold the botton down and keep taking photos, then pose like you usually would but mess around a bit with your hair or your hand or were your looking and then pretend you someone like Kendall Jenner and just do loads of vain-ish poses and act like your a super model. Trust me this way you’ll get amazing pics that you never would have thought of taking. Try to keep you whole face on the photo because you can always crop something out later eg. your forhead if you don’ like it.

The filter12555949_512650525574847_1889332326_n.jpg

Don’t be afraid to experiment with filters. If nothing seems to work go for black and white but use that only as a last resort. Black and white pics always look ok but they veyr rarely look WOW.

So I hoped this blog post helped some of you. These are just things I do, that doesn’t mean that they’re right or wrong but in my experience they really help.

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Until next time,

Cloudy x


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