Tips for coping with an anxious mind

Many of you will know if you’ve been following my blog for a while that I have quite bad anxiety. It started when I was about 12 and I don’t want to go into the why or talk about my ‘anxiety story’ because it is still a wound that hasn’t quite healed but after reading a very inspiring blog about someone elses anxiety story I thought that if I have coping mechanisms that could help even one person out there then I have to do this blog post.

I suffer from anxiety, panick attacks and anxiety attacks but this blog post is going to be purely about anxiety but I might follow it up later with a post for panic attacks and anxiety attacks.

Tip no.1 take a shower a bath which ever you prefer. When I’m feeling very anxious I get so overwhelmed sometimes and everything becomes muddled up, I don’t know whether that’s a very accurate description but that’s the only way I can describe it. In the shower I tend to just cry it out or let myself freak out completely until I eventually manage to calm down. Think things through logically, trust me it helps. Start by asking yourself “Ok so what is making me so anxious?” and go through everything logically. Or just let your mind go blank completely. Try to distract yourself while your in the shower too, try getting knots out your hair or exfoliate – whatever takes your mind off it.

Tip no.2 YouTube, YouTube and yes more YouTube

Watching YouTube videos always just take my mind of it and eventually stop making me feel like I’m going to be sick/have a heart attack/faint. I tend to either watch one of the Sacconejoly’s vlogs (after all who doesn’t love Amelia and Edwardo) ,Gabriella Lindley’s vlogs (my current favourite YouTuber) or an episode of Beauty Break on Clevver Style (my favourite show ever). All of these help me just relax and plus I really enjoy them. Of course it’s up to you what you watch, they’re just what I tend to lean towards.

Tip no.3 Remember anxiety is just a feeling 

61f3d4c93d8923913f33e51c0ba1d0d2.jpgI try to keep this in mind. I try to just think, it is just an emotion just like happiness or sadness, it’s normal and there isn’t anything to panic about. I know it sucks (#understatementoftheyear) but it is just an emotion and it is normal, millions of other people suffer from anxiety too and YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Tip no.4 Prioritise yourself 

This is vital. Nothing else matters more than your mental wellbeing, if that means you have to spend time watching TV instead of studying for a while or cancel your plans every now and then because you know you have work to do and it’ll make you really anxious if you don’t get it done then that is 100% fine. You and your mental health has to be the priority because you can’t be your best self if your miserable because your so anxious, so prioritise you and your needs.

Tip no.5 Do not let your anxiety control your life

a7031d26407ec648584cf8a93cb65e8aThis is super hard to do – trust me, been there done that – but don’t let it. If you stop doing the things you love or spending time with your friends because of your anxiety you are simply letting it win. Anxiety is a battle sometimes but every time you do something your anxiety says not to you are getting closer and closer to winning the war. Take baby steps if you need to and build from there but never ever let it win.

Tip no.6 Be realistic

Planning to do 1000 things in a day isn’t realistic, and having unrealistic amounts of things to do is not going to make your anxiety any better. So be realistic in what you want to achieve in your day and take time for yourself.

Tip no.7 Cry it out

629d79291713389bed6451dc2cc084bfAnxiety is awful, and it sucks, and it hurts and its scary so don’t be ashamed to cry and cry and cry. Crying is completely normal and by getting all that out of your system you may feel a little poopy at first by the next day you’ll feel like you’ve just got a huge weight off of your shoulders. So cry all you want – just remember to wear waterproof mascara (just kidding)

Tip no.8 Get scrolling pinterest for quotes 

Read masses of quotes about anxiety. I’m a self-professed quote lover. I always have been and I probably always will be. Reading quotes makes me  feel like somebody actually understands. They usually make me cry but at least I feel understood and normal and like it’s actually going to be ok.

Tip no. 9 Watch the perks of being a wallflower

139ea4ad98520a077ff94741dcad92ddThe perks of being a wallflower is my all time favourite film. It addresses a lot of issues, including anxiety. It helps me feel a little more understood. Obviously its up to you what you watch but this personally is my go to.

Whether anxiety is something you battle with every day 🙋🏽 or if your getting super stressed about something and your suddenly finding yourself super anxious it sucks either way, so take some time for yourself and follow some of these tips. These are just what work for me and everyone is different but give them ago.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Until next time,

Cloudy x


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