The ultimate guide to fuller lips without the painful procedures

In the last year Kylie Jenner’s ever growing lips seem to have been all anyone can talk about and now with the launch of her new lipkits the craze over her (and her fabulous lips) is only getting bigger and bigger (kinda like her lips (jokes)). Whether you love her lips or hate them you’ve got to admit you would like slightly plumper looking lips. Unlike Kylie though, we don’t all have the money to go through all of those procedures so I am bringing you my guide to getting bigger lips without any painful surgery.

IMG_3887 [228156].JPGI’ve just applied my makeup as usual (if you want to see how I do that click here or here). While applying my makeup I end up getting loads of foundation on my lips which I would usually remove but today I’m actually keeping it on so that I basically have a blank canvas.

IMG_4812 [243669].PNG

I then add a little bit of contour under my lower lip to create a shadow to try to to make my lips fuller and more voluptuous. I then blend it a bit so it doesn’t look like I have a big brown line under my lips.

IMG_3977 [243243].JPG
Post lip contour

IMG_4123 [247109].JPGI then add a little contour in between my cupid’s bow dimples to make my lips look a little more prominent and then of course I blend, blend and yes blend until it looks like the image bellow.

IMG_4238 [248791].JPGFullSizeRender [251656]I then apply a load of highlight along my top lip focusing particularly on my cupids bow and dusting a little on my cupids bow dimples. This attracts the light to my lips to make them stand out more and also makes them seem a little more 3D if that makes any sense.IMG_4288 [251610].JPG If you want a more natural look then I’d just apply a lipgloss now but if not then keep on reading. For this I’d suggest using a matte or creamy lipstick – nothing with too much shimmer in it or else it’ll look really fake and not too nice. The lipstick I’m using is a Calvin Klein Lipstick in the shade rose rush. It is a very beautiful berry lip colour  and was actually the first lipstick I ever bought. IMG_4308 [254337].JPGI start off by applying it just around the edge of my lips. I go just a little outside my actual lip shape just to make them a little bit fuller. You could do this with a lip liner but I don’t have a lip liner in a colour that would suit this shade. IMG_4383 [257649].JPGI then apply a very light nude lipstick to the centre of my top lip and a little bit on the bottom lip. I used MAC myth that I got ages ago barely ever use. On the bottom I use a darker lip colour very lightly on my bottom lip. I used MAC diva which is one of my favourite lip colours. This just gives my lips more dimension and makes them look much more fuller before applying the next layer of lipstick.IMG_4399 [258780].JPGI then apply another layer of the lipstick and make sure I’m happy with the shape of my lips and that they’re even. IMG_4423 [259635].JPGI then add a clear layer of lipgloss just to make the whole look, look much more tied together and a lot more blended and pretty. IMG_4594 [262805].JPGI then finish off by adding a little extra contour and highlight just to finish off the look and then your done. IMG_4594 [262805].JPGI hope you enjoyed this blog post, I know it’s maybe not my usual blog post but I thought it’d be fun to do something new for once. If you liked this blog post please like this and follow my blog, if you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments.

Also before I end this post I’d just like to say thankyou so much to all of you, I’ve recently reached over 50 followers on this blog which is CRAZY!!! My followers have almost doubled in the past week which is crazy so thankyou so much to all of you new followers and thankyou to all of you that have been following my blog since the beggining it means the world.

Until next time,

Love Cloudy x


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