Holy grail bath and body products

IMG_5180 [269181].JPGYes. I am that typical girly girl obsessed with anything that smells nice and looks pretty so over the years I have tested out a very large range of bath and body products. Lots of them haven’t really made an impression on me and made me think “OMG What is this and where has it been all my life” but there have been quite a few that have so I am brining you my holy grail bath and body products. Trying to shorten down my list but finally I have came up with shortened list of all the bath and body products I simply couldn’t live without.

FullSizeRender [267705].jpgThis is a very old favourite of mine. The scent of this Ted Baker Body Soufflé is divine and it has a medium to thick consistency which makes it very nourishing without feeling too clammy on you skin. It absorbs relatively quickly and leaves you with very soft feeling skin. Unfortunately I can’t find any where that sells it any more but if you happen to stumble across it, I’d seriously recommend adding it to your shopping basket.  FullSizeRender [266882]FullSizeRender [277417].jpgMy next holy grail is my Mango Body Butter from the Body shop. Mango is my favourite scent ever, and whenever I apply this I’m left with a slight mango-y smell which is amazing. The smell is just right – not too overpowering but still enough that you can smell it. Because it is a body butter it is VERY thick meaning it is perfect for dry skin. The body shop says that these are supposed to leave you feeling hydrated for 24 hours but if I’m being completely honest I think it lasts for longer than that! And to top it off the Body Shop is Fair Trade and Cruelty Free so you know that when you are applying your body butter that 1. The people who helped make this product were treated and paid fairly and 2. that no animals were harmed in the process. FullSizeRender [276846]

FullSizeRender [281590]This Molton Brown Gingerlily Replenishing Hand Cream is absolutley devine. I got it for christmas off a friend in a set and I have been addicted ever since. It feels very thin and smooth in consistency and is very moisturising. No lie – it makes your hands feel like a babies bottom (not that I go round feeling babies bottoms but you know what I mean). It takes around 10-15 seconds to absorb which is a bit of a disappointment considering it says that it absorbs instantly but you can’t complain as it just feels so good on your hands. The scent isn’t that strong, so if your not really into scents then this is perfect my only slight, slight critisism of this product is that I wouldn’t say it’s great for sensitive skin. I go through periods of time where my hands get REALLY sensitive and they swell up at the slightest thing so when they are like that I can’t use this but it’s still a holy grail as it just makes my hands feel so silky soft. FullSizeRender [283303].jpgThis product is quite a new one to my collection that I have only recently tried out but I am head over heels in love with this shower gel. Despite the name of this Ted Baker Mint Body Wash smells nothing like mint. The scent is slightly floral yet isn’t very musky which is a plus for me because I am not a fan of musky scents. It has a slight peach undertone and is generally a muted sweet scent. It isn’t overpowering which is really nice for the spring-summer season and gets super frothy under warm water. Overall it is an amazing shower gel!!! IMG_5124 [286077].JPGSoap and Glory’s Clean On Me Clarifying Shower Gel is an absolute must have if you ask me. It has Soap and Glory’s signature scent which is absolutely divine and is, of course, of Soap and Glory’s usual amazing quality. I love the idea of this shower gel, it is your typical shower gel combined with a body lotion so that once you get out the shower your ready to go (obviously after you put on some clothes). Unfortunately this does mean it doesn’t lather as much your usual shower gel but that’s a small price to pay when your skin is transformed form dry and dirty to clean and soft. Another bonus of this product is that Soap and Glory don’t test on animals, which for me is a huge bonus as an animal lover. FullSizeRender [284987].jpgFullSizeRender [286857].jpgMy next holy grail is my Katy Pery MAD Potion shower gel. You can only buy this with the gift set sorry, but I just really love this shower gel and it smells super sweet and just generally really nice. IMG_5165 [286940].JPGMy next favourite is yet another Ted Baker product (#sorrynotsorry). It’s my Ted Baker hand cream which is my all time go to hand cream that I love. Unfortunately this is being sold any more which has caused me to have several mental breakdowns as this gives me life and I only have 2 tubes left … TWO!!! It has a lovely thick consistency and quite a strong scent which I really like. FullSizeRender [289645].jpgFullSizeRender [289657].jpgBurts Bees Almond and Milk Hand Cream is a very thick moisturising hand cream. This is my go to hand cream whenever my hands are feeling particularly dry or sensitive. Because it contains Vitamin E and sweet almond oil it is very moisturising so is perfect for dry skin.  Unless my hands are feeling particularly dry or sensitive though I only tend to use it once or twice a week although it is important to make sure I use it once or twice a week because it contains beeswax that seals and conditions the skin to make sure my hands stay in good condition. FullSizeRender [289651].jpgFullSizeRender [292617].jpgAnother 2 products I’m going to quickly mention are the 2 Ted Baker body sprays. They’re not technically bath or body products but I love them both so much they just had to be in my list of holy grail products. They are both really long wearing and very fresh but slightly sweet scents. FullSizeRender [293181].jpgFullSizeRender [294223].jpgMy final holy grail product is this Ted Baker Mint Body Soufflé. It is incredibly, incredibly light and feels amazing on the skin. Its just generally amazing. FullSizeRender [295278].jpg

So thankyou so, so, so much for reading this blog post it really does mean the world!!! If you enjoyed this blog post please like it and follow my blog for more beauty inspired blog posts and leave your thoughts in the comments bellow.

Until next time,

Cloudy x


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