4 reasons why blue-black high-waisted jeans are the only jeans you need in your wardrobe this season

High-wasted jeans are a staple in any wardrobe, but high-wasted blue-black jeans are a necessity and here are the reasons why.

1.They make your waist look teeny-weeny

It’s no secret that dark colours are super slimming, as are high wasted jeans. Any kind of high wasted Jean helps your waist look a little slimmer but the dark fabric literally takes another 3 inches off your waist.

2. They go with anything and everything (well maybe not denim)

Black jeans and back tops can just look a little gothic and wash you out particularly in the spring-summer season and so for this time of year lighter, bluer jeans are much more ‘this season’. Blue jeans on the other hand, clash with blue some shades of pink and purple. Blue black jeans on the other hand, go with everything.

3. They keep you warm

Dark colours absorb heat and as we all know in Britain spring isn’t necessarily the warmest time (#understatementoftheyear) so they keep you lovely and warm, but as they’re not black on the odd occasion it is warm you won’t be too hot.

4. You can dress them up or dress them down

For a more casual look wear them with a graphic tee an a loose cardigan or you can dress them up with a classy shirt and a jacket. They are so easy to wear for all occasions and it’s super easy to change from casual to dressy in a number of minutes.

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