Makeup revolution ultra eyeshadow palette – flawless, is it worth the hype?

If you read my recent blog post you’ll know that a week or so ago I went on a little haul and managed to pick up some of the makeup revolution palettes I’d been dying to get my hands on. After posting that blog post I’ve had a little more time to experiment with the products and have decided to do a little review of each of them  to tell you if I think they’re worth the hype.

FullSizeRender [41874].jpgThe first thing that struck me when I looked at this palette in store was how many eyeshadows their where. There are 32 overall and they’re all a reasonable size. I’m not going to lie to you, I was sceptical at first — I mean 32 shadows for £8 (that’s just 25p per shadow) I simply thought “there is no way that this palette can be any good” yet once I swatched the shades I knew that this palette really was as good as everyone was saying. Each shade I swatched was super pigmented and very pretty. The thing that also attracted me to this palette was the huge range of different shades, mattes, shimmers, satins and glittery this palette has it all. The colours range from much more neutral shades to a few more daring colours yet each and every one is really wearable and very versatile. FullSizeRender [41896].jpgPaper  – is a yellow toned matte, very pale shade that is perfect to use as a base or as a subtle inner corner highlight.

Soft glow – this shade is a sheeny pale peach shade. It is super pretty and also looks great on the lid.

Buff – is a shimmery, sheeny buff shade. I love this colour because it is so versatile. It is great on the lid, but also in the crease for a more natural smokey eye.

Highlite – this beautiful shade is a highly pigmented pink toned white highlight. It is very sheeny and shimmery, its now my go to brow bone and inner corner highlight.

Angel –  this beautiful shade is another very sheeny shade. It is a beautiful golden yellow and is absolutely gorgeous.

Unlimited – this is basically a very beautiful sheeny brown and is another very versatile colour.

Brew – this is a sheeny brown shade which has a beautiful golden tone.

Silver smoke –  is a sheeny shade that is silvery brown colour and is perfect for using in the outer corner or the crease.

Almost there – is a matte honey-brown.

Uncover – rose gold satin shade, it’s the only colour I would say out of this whole palette that isn’t very pigmented despite being absolutely beautiful.

Barley pink – is a slightly darker rose gold satin shade which is also absolutely beautiful.

Lowlite – is a metallic – almost foiled eyeshadow, it’s a gorgeous pinky-gold toned brown and is absolutely beautiful.

Golden night – is another metallic-foiled shadow and is one of my personal favourites from the palette. It’s a orangey toned gold and is obviously super pretty.

Gold digger – is a very glittery, shimmery orangery-gold.

Cheerless – is a shade I’ve actually been quit disappointed with. In the palette it looks like a beautiful dark plumb/purple shade but once applied it looks like a boring black that is not very pigmented at all.

Blue stars – is another disappointing shade. In the palette it looks like a beautiful navy blue but once applied it is a (highly pigmented) black with a few flecks of blue shimmer.

Smudge – is a matte, honey toned brown.

Shimmer heart – is a beautiful shimmery, pale rose gold and is just beautiful.

Universal – is another rose gold shade but is slightly darker and lovely and shimmery. I love this shade so much because I’ve never had an eyeshadow anything like it.

Copper shimmer – this is another of my favourites from the palette. It is a metallic-foiled bronzey-copper and is just absolutely amazing. It is so pigmented and I absolutely love it.

Medal –  is a bronze metallic-foiled eyeshadow and is soooooooo pigmented it’s unreal.

Darkist shimmer – is another shade I was slightly disappointed with. Despite being quite pigmented and very pretty it just doesn’t look like it does in the pan once applied, once applied it’s a very dark brown that is quite shimmery.

Tarnish – is a very dark satin brown.

Black tie – is also quite disappointing. It’s not very pigmented and the glitter for some reason just doesn’t apply well making it a plain black that’s not very pigmented at all.

Pure chocolate – is a matte chocolate brown.

Raw – is a matte grey-brown.

Red night – is hands down my favourite shade out of this eyeshadow palette. It is a very pigmented plumby-red that is super shimmer and has a few teeny-tiny flecks of red glitter in it.

Molten chocolate – is another metallic-foiled shade brown and is CRAZY pigmented.

Burgundy nights – is a burgundy shimmery colour.

GreenStars – is a dark black-green colour.

Cafe noir – is a very dark brown.

Night – is a very pigmented matte black.

IMG_6676 [41882]Every single one of the eyeshadows is really, really long wearing which of course is huge plus. Generally they are all very pigmented and I’ve found that out of all of them the metallic-foiled shades are probably the most pigmented and long wearing. The eyeshadows are all really, really bendable which I was so impressed with because a lot of high end eyeshadows aren’t very bendable let alone a eyeshadow palette for £8.

IMG_6669 [41880]The packaging is plastic so it doesn’t give the eyeshadows much protection if you drop it so I’d advise being careful when handling it if your as clumsy as me. But of course plastic is very easy to keep clean which is another plus. The palette also comes with a huge mirror so it is perfect for travelling. IMG_6728 [41888].JPGThis palette is perfect for absolutely everyone. If you have a rather extensive eyeshadow collection (like me) then this palette adds so many beautiful shades for £8 and if your a newbie to eyeshadow this lets your try out masses of eyeshadows that are all great quality for a tiny price.

I really hipe you enjoyed this blog post let me know in the comments if you did anad makesure you leave a link to your blog so I can check it out. Please follow my blog and like this post for more posts just like this one!!!

Untill next time,

Cloudy x



11 Replies to “Makeup revolution ultra eyeshadow palette – flawless, is it worth the hype?”

  1. I really loved this post. I wish youd done slightly bigger swatches cause some of them got hard to see and differenciate, especially the lighter ones that dont have that much pigment. But nonetheless. I LOVE your blog and your posts. 😀 keep going girl!

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