theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer, worth the hype?

theBalm’s Mary Lou-Manizer is a huge staple in many people’s collection and everyone seems to rave about this product, so when I picked mine up from Debenhams I was very exited to try it out.

FullSizeRender [95348].jpgThe packaging of this product is soooo cute and full of detail which I quite like. It tells you it can be used as a highlight, shimmer and eyeshadow in quite a cute unique way, – by telling you the offensives of Mary-Lou Manizer. It comes with a mirror which of course is handy if you want to add a little extra later in the day.

The product itself is very glittery and shimmery, and quite golden toned so may not look the best on REALLY pink toned skins. When I applied it, at first I was actually really disappointed. It was just so shimmery and so glittery that it looked really false and cakey on my skin and not in a good way – it was simply too overpowering. But, I have a three try rule – I never make my mind up about a product until I’ve tried it at least three times, and since trying it I have changed my mind about the product.

IMG_6529 [95293].JPGWhen applied with a very, very light hand over a foundation that leaves the skin very soft and natural feeling it looks amazing, and as it is so golden toned and shimmery I know when it comes to summer I will be obsessed with this. Despite this the product still has a lot of faults.

Its just so hard to work with. You have to use a very light hand or you’ll end up looking like a disco ball and it isn’t very bendable so if you do apply a bit too much it’s really hard to blend it out. I would also say make sure when you apply it that your skin feels smooth because for some reason it tends to be really hard to work with, with some foundations.

FullSizeRender [96108].jpgDespite all of this though, I do love this highlight. With a bit of practise the results look amazing and it is a perfect highlight is your into strobing, because it is just so intense. I’m kind’ve obsessed (ok really obsessed) with this highlight now and no other one will do. The results are just so amazing and is perfect for this time of year. I wouldn’t recommend this product to beginners though because it is really hard to work with. I can also imagine this  product looking on darker skin tones.

So yes. Despite its faults this highlight is most certainly worth the hype. Just use a very light hand and maybe practise a few times before you go out in public wearing it, or you could end up looking like a disco ball.

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