Coconut Lane Haul – Discount code and being a Coconut Queen!!!

FullSizeRender [19365].jpgCoconut Lane is an online brand that I’ve loved for a long time now. They sell some absolutely incredible socks, sunglasses, home-wear, mac and phone cases, stationary, jewellery and gift cards. Recently I have been in contact with their brand quite a bit and I have been incredibly lucky to be selected to become a Coconut Queen. Coconut Queens are a group of bloggers who are ambassadors at Coconut Lane. Being a Coconut Queen is so exiting for me and it means that I have a discount code for my followers on my blog and social media. So for 20% off EVERYTHING use discount code bethanstanley20 at the checkout. But enough of that and onto the products I picked up!!!

FullSizeRender [19377].jpgThey first thing I picked up from Coconut Lane was this fabulous wall art, which was actually what first attracted me to the site. They have a range of quotes that you can choose from but they actually also have two different fonts you can chose from too. I think this is such a good idea because it makes the wall art a little more individual to your taste. The wall art comes at £6 which is really reasonable but when using my discount code (bethanstanley20) you can pick one up for £4.80 which is AMAZING value!!!!

FullSizeRender [19371].jpgThe second product I picked up was this Luxe Marble Pink Colour Block Phone Case and OH MY GOD this case is such good quality – I’ve dropped my phone thousands of times in this case and the case is still in perfect condition and my  phone is absolutely fine too. With my last case (purchased from Ebay) on the other hand, I dropped it once and it smashed — not the phone, the phone case!!! I’ve had so many complements from people who say they really like my phone case which is really nice to have, but seriously can you blame them? This case is GORGEOUS!!!! At its normal price this case is £18 but when you use the discount code (bethanstanley20) it is only £14.40 which is incredibly reasonable considering how amazing the quality of these cases. Coconut Lane have recently brought out a summer collection of these phonecases too which are also to die for – I’ve got my eye on the LUXE Festival Case.

FullSizeRender [19373].jpgThe final product I picked up was this Helter Skelter Notebook – the patterns on these notebooks are absolutely beautiful and when I saw this particular notebook I knew I had to pick one up. It is A5 so its a super handy size and is perfect for quickly throwing in your handbag if your going somewhere where you might need to jot down some notes. I also love that as they’re not hardback they’re extremely thin so they’re very easy to take places. Its regular price is £6 so with my discount code (bethanstanley20) you can pick up one for £4.80.

FullSizeRender [19375].jpgAll the service I have received from Coconut Lane has been amazing and all of their products are are of an excellent quality. Thankyou so much for reading this blog post I really hope you enjoyed it, if you did make sure you like this blog post, comment your opinions of the products and follow this blog for a little more of my blog posts. Also just in case your wondering no this blog post was not sponsored, I am not getting paid and all of the opinions included in this post are 100% mine and completely honest.

Thankyou so much for all your love and support.

Until next time,

Cloudy x

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