100% Honest Kylie Jenner Lipkit Review

Yes – I finally managed to get my hands on a Kylie Jenner Lipkit!!! I picked up the shade 22 which is my favourite of all the Lipkit colours so when I managed to get my hands on it I was over the moon. In this review I’m going to cover my experience with the brand and the overall quality of the lip kit. As always this review is going to be completely honest so I hope you enjoy!!!

IMG_8860 [46089].JPGMy experience with the brand

After placing my order I received a email confirming my order within a number of minutes. Within two days my order had been shipped and one week later it had all ready arrived at customs which is incredibly, incredibly fast considering it had been shipped all the way from the U.S. The total cost of my lipkit was around £42 – £20 for the lipkit,  £10 for shipping and another £12 customs fee so the total cost of my lipkit was pretty expensive but when buying multiple kits they really aren’t very expensive as the added cost of shipping and customs fees is much smaller in comparison to the amount of kits your buying. Overall I received great service from Kylie Cosmetics as they delivered my kit quickly without any problems, but I do think that it is unfair that international shipping is so expensive or that there isn’t any discount code for free shipping when spending over a certain amount of dollars e.g. $50.

IMG_8859 [46087]Quality of the lipkit

The lipkit comes at a cost around £20 meaning the the price of the liquid lipstick and lip liner is around £10 each which is around the cost of a liquid lipstick from Lo’real or Max Factor. The lip liner isn’t drying at all – it just makes your lips feel a little matter than usual. It doesn’t really sink into the cracks on your lips and is very opaque. It is long-wearing, however when wearing it on it’s own it will come off easily when eating or drinking. It is extremely good quality overall and is a very good lip liner. The only fault with the lip liner is that when sharpening it the product breaks very easily and loses it’s precision.IMG_8862 [46091]IMG_8864 [46095]

The liquid lipstick is perhaps  the best liquid lipstick I have ever tried. I LOVE IT!!! It is completely opaque and crazy pigmented. It applies very nicely and dries within 30 seconds. It doesn’t go patchy and is long wearing. It does come off slightly when eating, however, that tends to happen with all liquid lipsticks so that definitely shouldn’t put you off buying one of these kits. My favourite feature of this lipkit is definitely that
once applied it genuinely feels like you have nothing on your lips and unlike most liquid lipsticks it isn’t drying. I was slightly disappointed to find however, that when wearing the lipstick on its own for a few hours it cracks and smudges around the edges of your lips so I would say always, always wear the lip liner from the kit with the liquid lipstick. Considering that you are paying prices similar to that of Lo’real and Max Factor – these kits are genuinely incredible value for money and I would highly recommend.IMG_8865 [46097]

IMG_8863 [46093].JPGMy chosen colour

I decided to pick up the shade 22 which is described on the site as a “vibrant burnt orange”. This really appealed to me because I don’t own a burnt orange shade and it was a colour I fell in love with. I honestly was a little disappointed with the colour initially. I would describe it as a burnt red – although it has orange undertones it definitely isn’t the burnt orange I expected. Despite that I LOVE this colour. It’s beautiful and so easy to pull off. I would also say that the colour on the packaging s nothing like the colour in the tube so don’t be worried if you look at the packaging and think – “OMG that is not the colour I ordered”

Scores out of ten – how did it do?

Service (from company) – 10/10

Application – 7/10

Long wearing – 8/10

Quality – 9/10

Value for money – 10/10

Would I recommend – definetley

Overall I think these lipkits are great value for money. If you live in the US I would say order 1 and try out the formula because some people just really don’t like the formula of liquid lipsticks, if you live somewhere where you need international shipping I’d still recomend but  try out some liquid lipsticks to see how you like liquid lipsticks, then save and buy all the lipkits you like in one big order because if not you could end up spending twice the money on the lipkits due to shipping fees and custom charges.

I really hope you liked this blog post, let me know if you have tried any of the other Kylie Cosmetics products.

Until next time,

Cloudy x




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