Too Faced Sugar Pop Palette Review

Too Faced’s Sugar Pop Palette is a fun, French macaron inspired palette, containing nine beautifully formulated  eye shadows. This palette was the first Too Faced product I ever purchased, and with its combination of muted neutrals and vibrant bright shades I found myself drawn to it from when I first set my eyes on it. I’ve now owned this palette for six months and so I feel like I have enough experience with this palette to create a completely honest review that is true to this product.

FullSizeRender [56748].jpg
Each row of shadows is designed to create a different look, and the palette comes with a booklet, showing you how best to create each of the looks. The first row of shadows combine to make a warm, summery everyday look (called ‘Sweet and Spicy’), the second row creates a flirtatious, nighttime look (named ‘Sugar Plums’), and the third and final row  forms a fun, bright look perfect for events like festivals (called ‘Candy Coated’).

IMG_8948 [56750].JPGRock Candy – is a pale, yellow which has a subtle, shimmer and has a touch of glitter running through it.

Macaron – is a muted orange, with pink undertones it. It has a teeny, tiny bit of gold, glitter running through it. Despite being such a bright shade, I have found it to be very wearable, and is perhaps my favourite of all the eye shadows in the palette.

Malted Milk Ball – is a warm, chocolatey-brown. It has plenty, of golden shimmer and glitter running through it. Its golden hue makes it perfect for all year round and supper wearable both at day and night.

Strawberry Ice – is a pale, lilac with a very slight shimmer.

Sugared Violet – is a frosted, indigo. It has a beautiful shimmer and a few flecks of glitter in it, making it a beautiful chic shade.

Blackberry – is a matte, mauve with warm undertones, that screams ‘Hollywood glam’.

Peach fuzz – is a beautiful pale peach. It is supper glittery making it perfect for the upcoming summer season.

Bubblegum – is a bright pink with silver glitter running through it. Despite being a beautiful shade, this is an eye shadow I haven’t got much use out of as it is very bold. However, on the occasions I have used it as a bright pop of colour on my lower lash line, it looked amazing.

Blue Raspberry – is a bold, green-blue, matte eye shadow. Just like Bubblegum, this eye shadow is extremely bold making it very hard to wear. However, when applied to the lower lash line  it looks beautiful, and makes my blue eyes pop. This shade is also really fun to use if your going to a festival, to add a pop of colour to your makeup look.

Each eye shadow is extremely pigmented, as you can see from my swatches above, the colour payoff is truly amazing. They blend seamlessly together, which makes them brilliant if you are only just beginning to venture into the world of eye shadows. Another thing I have noticed with these shadows is that once applied, they stay all day without budging. Urban Decay shadows (which are possibly my favourite brand of eye shadow) definitely are no where near as long lasting as these eye shadows, despite being very similar in price, so if long lasting eye shadows are what your looking for, Too Faced is definitely the way to go.

IMG_8950 [56738].JPGAs always with Too Faced products, the packaging of the Sugar Pop palette is brightly coloured and very fun. It is quite small in size which I really like – it makes storage so much easier and is perfect for travelling. Its bright colouring also means that looking for this palette amongst your other eye shadow palettes is no trouble as it is easily spotted, saving you any panic when in  a rush and needing to find it quickly. Inside it has a small magnifying mirror, despite being handy when on the go, I always find myself reaching for a larger mirror when using this as it is very small. Its magnetic clasp is also handy, but overall the packaging feels flimsy and easily breakable.

Scores out of 10 – how did it do?

Packaging – 7/10

Application – 8/10

Quality – 9/10

Value for money – 8/10

Pigmentation – 10/10

Long wearing – 8.5/10

Would I recommend? – Definitely

Overall I love this eye shadow palette and I definitely want to pick up some of the other eye shadow palettes  amongst Too Faced’s collection. Unlike some high end brands, these palettes really are worth every penny. I really hope you enjoyed this blog post, and thank you so much for reading. If you liked this review please like it and for more blog posts similar to this follow my blog.

Until next time,

Cloudy x


12 Replies to “Too Faced Sugar Pop Palette Review”

  1. They always nail it with their packaging… I just bought my first product from their range… The Love Flush Blush Wardrobe palette, and have fallen in love! After ready your review, I’m super keen to try their eyeshadows out


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