Latest Posts Re-Cap

Have you missed any of my latest posts and want to catch up? Well here is my list of all the posts on this blog over the last month with a little description of them so you can see if you’d be interested in reading any of them.

My 6 Summer Lip Picks

Summer lip picksWith the summer season finally here I thought I’d make a list of all of the lipsticks I’d be wearing over the summer. This collection of lip-glosses and lipsticks contains a variety of colours and finishes so no matter what your taste there’s something in this list for you. If you’d like to check out this blog post be sure to click here.

July favourites

July faves

July’s over — I know where does the time fly? This post brings you all of the bits and pieces I’d been loving over July including Urban Decay’s Naked 3 Palette (what a surprise), Breakfast At Tiffany’s and many more. If you think you might fancy reading this post click here.

Everything I Bought In Paris

Golden goddess makeup look (2)

As I’m sure you can imagine, during my summer vacation to Paris I bought LOTS of makeup goodies along with lots of other bits and bobs too, so I thought I’d do this haul showing some of the makeup products I picked up. If you think this blog post might be something your interested in reading click here to check it out.

Everyday Makeup Look

Everyday makeup look updated (1)

It’d been a while since I’d last done a makeup look so I thought I’d bring ya’ll an updated makeup look featuring all the products I use on a daily basis. This is a fairly neutral look featuring a neutral, shimmery eye and a pretty, pink lip. If you’d like to see how I created this look click here.

Acne coverage makeup look

acne coverage makeup (1)

We’ve all experienced the horror of waking up in the morning and realise you have a bunch of spots to cover up so I created this look to try to make covering up those pesky pimples a little easier. If you think this post may come in handy for you click here.

Those were all the posts from the last month here on Cloudy Skies Blogging — I hope there’s something here you’ll enjoy. Also — this is a scheduled post and today when your reading this is GCSE results day so wish my luck because I think I’ll need it!!!

Until next time

Cloudy x

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