A Huge Thankyou – 100 Followers

Like most bloggers I remember getting my first ever follower (I have no idea how they found my blog because I didn’t know what tags were but nonetheless they found my blog and followed it) I was so exited and couldn’t believe someone wanted to read my blog posts. I now have 100 followers which seems crazy because I never even thought my blog would get 1 follower (I’m being serious) let alone 100 so thankyou. Getting to 100 followers is such a huge deal to me because I really feel like I’ve achieved something and just seems so crazy because 100 people actually want to read my posts. This may sound overly dramatic but it’s not been too easy at times, some of you may remember I very nearly quit blogging a while ago because of trolls but thanks to your support I didn’t and I just want to say thankyou.

Blogging has helped me in more ways than you’ll ever know, through some pretty tough times and now reaching this milestone is almost like a big pat on the back and motivates me even more to keep going. I’ve got to make so many new friends and work with some great companies and it’s all because of you guys following my blog so thankyou. I feel like this blog post is super cheesy but it truly does mean the world to me so #sorrynotsorry.

As always thankyou for your support and kindness towards me.

Until next time,

Bethan x

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