Latest post recap

Have you missed any of my recent posts and need a quick catchup? Well if that’s the case then great, because in this post I’m going to be running through each of my posts over the last month with a quick description so hopefully you’ll see which posts will interest you, and which won’t!!

Everything I Bought In Paris

Golden goddess makeup look (2)

For my summer holiday this year I went to France and spent a week in Paris and another by the French coast. As I’m sure you can imagine, I bought a few goodies while I was there so I thought I’d do a haul including all of the makeup I bought while in Paris. Think this post may interest you? If so click here to check it out.

Everyday Makeup Look

Everyday makeup look updated (1)It had been a while since I last showed ya’ll what I do on an everyday basis makeup-wise. This goes through, step by step how I do my makeup. If this post tickles your fancy check it out here.

Acne Coverage Makeup Look

acne coverage makeup (1)

For a long while, I’ve had to deal with the daily struggle of trying to cover up my acne and I guess after all that time I’ve discovered some tips and tricks that might come in handy and came up with a look that includes all of them. If you think you’d find this post helpful make sure you click here.

August Favourites

acne coverage makeup (2)

Yes, August had been and gone — it was a huge shock to me too when I looked at the calendar this morning. This post runs through all the things I loved during August (SPOILER ALERT: there’s quite a few new makeup products mentioned). Fancy this post? In that case click here.

Back To School Makeup Look

acne coverage makeup (4)September’s here and it’s finally to get back to reality and head back to school. I created this super long lasting, quick and easy makeup look for ya’ll headed back to school or college. Want to check out this post? Click here.

I hope there was a post or two here that interested you, if so please check them out and let me know what your thoughts on them were.

Until next time,

Bethan x


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