Kylie Cosmetics The Bronze Kyshadow Palette Review

Just like the rest of the beautiful Kylie Cosmetics Range, the infamous Bronze Kyshadow Palette has had all the beauty bloggers and vloggers head over heels in love. So naturally, I had to get my hands on it. The palette costs $42 (approximately £34.50) and contains nine gorgeous bronze eye-shadows – perfect for autumn. So without further ado, let’s get on with this review.

***SPOILER ALERT: I love it!***



Jasper is a matte cream-white eyeshadow – perfect as a base or for applying in the inner corners and on the brow bone

Quartz is a satin finish, warm champagne colour that has a slight shimmer running through it

Topaz is a warm hued brown shade that works wonders when used as a transition shade

Goldstone is a true bronze with hint of gold shimmer

Citrine is a bright orange, matte eye-shadow – perfect for adding a pop of colour to the lower lash line

Tiger Eye  is a deep, matte golden brown. It is a shade or two darker than Topaz so when paired together they look amazing!

Hematite is a warm toned, chestnut brown that has a matte finish

Brozite is a really dark (almost black) matte, chocolate brown

Obsidian is your typical matte, black eye-shadow

My thoughts on the formulation


Being 100% honest before testing out these eye-shadows I was very sceptical to whether or not they would be as good as everyone says, as I did find that Kylie’s lip kits (although I love them) were very over rated. However, as soon as I swatched them, I knew they really were worth the hype. They are genuinely, the most pigmented eye-shadows that I have ever come across… ever. Each eye-shadow has an incredibly creamy consistency that I love, and they all blend like a dream (so they’re perfect if you’re lazy like me and can’t be bothered blending . They are quite dusty eye-shadows, and aren’t very long wearing if you don’t apply a base or a primer beforehand – but overall I’m obsessed.

Value for money 


The palette costs around £34.40, plus a £12.20 international shipping fee ($14.95) and a £15 customs charge, so in total this palette costs (for an international customer like myself) around £61.60 which works out at £6.84 per eye-shadow. Pretty expensive I know, but I genuinely believe that it is worth every penny — and yes I do plan on buying the Burgundy Palette as soon as I have £61.60 in my bank account. My only teeny-tiny issue with this product (money wise) is that your spending an awful lot of money for a palette that has quite flimsy feeling packaging and doesn’t even come with a mirror. Other than that though — I’m a girl in love.

My overall feelings


Packaging – 5/10

Quality – 10/10

Value for money – 7/10

Pigmentation – 11/10

Longevity – 7/10

Overall – 8.5/10

Would I recommend – Definitely


I love this palette so much, so if you fancy splurging on an eye-shadow Platte I’d definitely recommend this beauty. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see a review of any other Kylie Cosmetics products (I’ve already reviewed her lip-kit in the shade 22 here) or if there are any other products from another brand you’d like to see me review please let me know. I really hope you enjoyed this post, I’ll see you this Saturday with a blog post discussing a topic very close to my heart which I hope you enjoy.  Also make sure you check out my guest blog post going up tomorrow on the blog Little Things With Jassy.

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Until next time,

Bethan x

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