Beauty Essentials // Spring 2017

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Spring is finally here (woop woop – is it just me who’s a bit too exited for some sunshine at last!?!?). For this post I decided to put together a few of my beauty essentials that I know I’ll be loving this season. I hope you enjoy this post and that one of these products tickles your fancy — if so let me know which one in the comments.

Chocolate Soleil Bronzer // TOO FACED


Too Faced’s chocolate soleil bronzer has been a staple in my makeup collection for quite some time. It adds a beautiful, bronzed glow to my face that’s perfect for spring time — a pretty sunkissed glow, not a sweaty umpalumpa kinda glow don’t worry. I apply it lightly to the top of my forehead and cheekbones using a duo-fibre face-brush. I’ve also found that it works beautifully as a nose contour shade  and as a transition shadow.

The brand’s claims //

“Infused with antioxidant-rich cocoa powder and signature bronzing pigments to     create a unique matte bronzer that neutralizes red and evens skin tone”

My tips //

Apply a translucent face-powder underneath to make sure that the bronzer doesn’t move around your face throughout the day and stays looking flawless.

If this bronzer tickles your pickle you can buy it from Selfridges here  // £25.00

Mega Hold Styling Mousse // VO5


VO5 is one of my all time favourite hair-care brands — it’s affordable but the quality of their products is still top notch. This mousse keeps my hair perfectly in place all day long with any hairstyle. I find it particularly useful during spring as the weather can be so unpredictable and this covers me no matter what the weather is like.

The brand’s claims //

“Our Climate Control Technology with UV filter provides 24 hr humidity and        environmental protection to help prevent frizz and add natural shine. Our  formula is easy to brush-out, non sticky and fast drying!”

My tips //

Brush a small amount of the product through damp hair (usually before blow drying) using your fingers then style however you like.

If you fancy giving this styling mousse a whirl you can buy it from boots here // £4.19

Naked 3 Eye-shadow Palette // URBAN DECAY


This palette I have mentioned time and time again on my blog — but seriously, can you blame me? It’s amazing! I’ve found that Urban Decay palettes tend to either be a big hit, or one hell of a miss for me and boy oh boy, this palette’s a good’n. The 12 pink-rose toned shadows in this palette are perfect for spring. It contains a mixture of matte, shimmer and satin shades making it hella versitle — really all you need for spring is this palette and then your good to go!

The brand’s claims //

“With smooth mattes, shimmering pearls and gleaming metallic, every shade features Urban Decay’s Pigment Infusion System™, a proprietary blend of ingredients that gives each shade its velvety texture, rich colour, serious staying power and blendability.”

My tips //

Apply a mixture of the matte shades as a transition and crease shades, and a shimmer/satin shade on your lid for a beautifully blended look. To hear more of my thoughts on this palette check out my blog post on it here.

If this palette floats your boat you can buy it from Feel Unique here // £39.50

Summerbody Moisturising Lotion Sun-Kissed Look // Garnier


Springtime is that awkward time of year where there’s not enough sun to give you a tan, but because its getting hotter everyone starts wanting that sun-kissed, golden skin. This tinted moisturiser has been my go to for years and it never fails me — I’m too awkward to get a spray tan and too scared of becoming orange to try fake tan so this product is perfect for me. Just make sure you wash your hands after using it because if not you’ll get orange patches between your fingers and trust me, it ain’t a cute look — it looks like your fingers have started to evolve into umpalumpas but the rest of your body didn’t quite get the memo.

The brand’s claims //

“Gradually develops a light natural-looking tan that perfectly adapts to your skin tone. Builds into a natural-looking, even, light tan. Hydrates your skin morning to night. Skin is left feeling soft and supple. Skin has a healthy-looking, and sun-kissed glow.”

My tips //

Apply a little each night before going to bed to build up your tan till your happy with it’s colour.

For light skin tones (like mine) you can buy the lightest shade from Boots here // £5.49

For darker skin tones you can buy the darker shade from Boots here // £5.49

Coralista Blush // BENEFIT


Benefit’s coralista blush is the perfect blush for adding a pop of colour to your cheeks without making you look half-clown-half-human. It adds a subtle gold shimmer to your cheeks making you look like a peachy, glowing fairy. I love this blush because it’s not too pinky and not too orangey — it’s a perfect in-between that is really pretty and goes with almost any makeup look.

The brand’s claims //

“It’s your blush for a tropical flush! This warm coral-pink shade cheers up every skintone in seconds.”

My tips //

Add a little to the apples of your cheeks and then blend out along your cheekbone using  a fluffy blending brush.

If you want to jazz up your cheeks using this blush you can buy it from Boots here // £24.50

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Until next time,

Bethan x

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