Everyday Makeup Look // Spring 2017

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Recently I’ve been switching up my everyday makeup and have finally found a routine I’m happy with so I thought why not share it with ya’ll on my blog? I much prefer more natural, glowing (very bronzed) makeup nowadays as some times I can go a bit full coverage crazy and end up looking less human and more plastic barbie doll which is not a cute look. Anyway, enough of my babbling, I hope you like this natural, spring inspired makeup look.

Base //

Prepping and priming //

no makeup.jpegI start off by applying a light moisturiser so my skin is looking lovely and radiant. Just make sure you let the moisturiser fully absorb into your skin before applying any product — if your don’t your makeup may end up slipin’ and slidin’ around your face and that’s not a cute look by anyone’s standards.

primer.jpegI then take Benefit’s porefessional primer and apply it to the parts of my face where my pores are particularly horrific – i.e. 98% of my face. I apply it using patting motions so that it minimises and fills my craters pores and keeps my makeup in place during the day.

colour corrector.pngI then  colour correct using Sleek’s Colour Corrector Palette , I paint my face green, yellow, orange and purple to cancel out any discolouration I may have on my face. Green over redness, yellow and orange to cancel out under eye discolouration and purple to brighten up and places on my skin where the skin is a little dull. I then blend out using a makeup sponge so I look a little less crazy.

Foundation and setting //

foundation dots.jpegThen I dot foundation around the centre of my face, I focus only on the centre so that when I blend out there will be less clumps of foundation towards my jaw and hair line. This just gives a much more natural finish so you look like you have flawless skin naturally. Because I’m so extra I apply two different foundations, Rimmel’s Wake Me Up Foundation  in a very pale shade towards the very centre of my face, and Too Faced’s Born This Way Foundation in a more tan shade toward the outer parts of my face. This is just to make my skin look much more like ‘real’ skin as last time  I checked ‘natural’ skin ain’t one colour all over.

blendyblend.jpegI blend out using a makeup sponge using dotting motions, in the places where i need more coverage I just blend more foundation onto that particular area and in the places where I need less coverage I only apply a teeny-tiny amount of product.

powder.jpegI then – very happily – apply a little powder to my face so I don’t look like a shiny, sweaty, overly happy mess (yes I’m aware I look overly happy on this photo // no I do not know why). My favourite powder at the mo is Maybelline’s Matte Maker powder as it smooths over any imperfections and really helps make your skin look flawless.

Powders //

bronzey bronze.jpegI then bronze using Too Faced’s Chocolate Soleil Bronzer. I apply it super duper lightly so instead of going umpalumpa style I look lovely and tan.

cream highlight.jpegI apply Soap and Glory’s Glow All Day Highlight and Sculpt Cheek Stick to the tops of my cheekbones, browbone, forehead, chin, nose and cupid’s bow. I blend it out so I don’t look like a crazy person.

blush.jpegPeachy-pink blushes are my absolute favourites for this time of year. I lightly dust Benefit’s Sugarbomb blush to the apples of my cheeks. This is quite an intense blush so if you don’t want to look like a clown, light strokes of this blush are definitely the way to go.

highlight.jpegBecause my ultimate goal in life is to look like a glazed donut I top my other highlight with theBalm’s Mary Lou-Manizer using a fan brush. I love a strong highlight so I really do go all in when I apply my highlight.



crease.jpegFor eyeshadow I love it nice and natural. I apply a bit of bronzer in my crease using a angled eyeshadow brush and then blend it out to add a bit of colour and dimension to the outer part of my eye.

lid.jpegFor my lid shadow I apply a little bit of theBalm’s Mary-Lou Manizer to my lid using my finger. By using the highlight I used earlier it ties the whole makeup look together.

inner corner

To finish off my eyeshadow I add a teeny tiny bit of my cream highlight to the inner corner of my eye to draw all the attention to my eyes and make me look more away when I’ve barely had any sleep

Liner and Lashes//

wings.jpegI apply a little of Maybelline’s Master Ink Liquid eyeliner. My best tip for eyeliner is to always keep both sides even – don’t finish one side then do the other, if you do a flick on one side then do a flick on the other side before finishing the first eye’s liner.

liner.jpegFor mascara I apply a dozen coats of Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Mascara. Before application I curl my lashes so that I can have my lashes curled upwards, facing the lash gods — aka my eyebrows.


brows.jpegFor my eyebrows I love a natural-messy brow. I use the sponge end of Maybelline’s Brow Satin Eyebrow Pencil. I just fill in any sparse areas of my eyebrows  — not too precise so I can achieve that messy look.

Lips //

file-5[242].jpegI apply Rimmel’s Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in the Shade 05 to the centre of my lips then blend it out using my fingers as I don’t like my lip colour to look too harsh.

file-6[246].jpegAnd this is the finished look. I hope you liked this post, I’ve litterally been wearing this makeup look every day as its quick and easy to do (so I can lie in before college) and it looks really natural and pretty.

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Until next time,

Bethan x

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