Monthly Favourites // March 2017

Hello again (and welcome if your new)

March has been and gone and spring is finally on the way, yes the season of sweaty armpits and exam stress has begun. It’s not all bad news though as now you have yet another post from me to brighten your day – don’t seem too upset, I know your done with my corny lines and stupid jokes. But if your one of the very few people who enjoys my blog posts then,

  1. I love you
  2. I hope you enjoy my monthly favourites


bb cream.jpeg

As I mentioned in my previous post  (ooooo get that alliteration, I’m Shakespeare I know) I’ve been loving more natural makeup recently and this BB Crème is amazing for achieving that kind of look. It blurs all your imperfections without making you look like you have a mask on – yes I know that may be a shock to some people’s systems but it actually makes your skin still look like skin.

The brand’s claims //

“This all-in-one formula combines sodium hyaluronate and skin-quenching emollients to boost hydration and improve long-term luminosity. Light reflective pearls brighten dull skin and minimise the look of pores while botanical extracts and Caffeine reduce discolouration and prevent redness. Argireline®, a collagen-boosting peptide, minimises fine lines with regular use. Finally, broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection helps fend off future damage.”

If this BB Crème sounds like it may be your cup of tea you can buy it from John Lewis here // £29.50

Reality TV // HAYU

I’m sure I’m not the only one who will raise their hands – not so – shamefully when asked if they like reality TV. Yes, I’m aware its utter trash but so am I so can you blame me for loving it? I got a HayU subscription at the beginning of the month because I needed (yes not want, needed) to watch the new Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s series and it’s honestly the best thing I’ve ever done. Any reality-ish show you could dream of they have every single boxset of it. I’ve watched all of Khloe Kardashian’s revenge body (which I highly recommend), Botched and am currently watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians from season one onwards – have I got any revision done in the meantime? No. But am I loving every wasted minute of it? Yes.

A subscription is £3.99 a month and you get a 30-day free trial.

Girl Panic Eyeshadow Palette // MAKEUP REVOLUTION

paletee.jpegThis month I’ve been jazzing up my eyemakeup using this bomb-ass palette. The eyeshadows are crazily pigmented (as you can see from the swatches bellow) and are so creamy, if they where edible I’d definitely eat them pancakes. I’ve been getting so many complements on my eyeshadow when I wear these shadows because they’re so crazy pigmented and pretty – and by so many I mean one or two but thats a lot for an unpopular gal like me


If this palette tickle’s your pickle you can buy it from Superdrug here // £6.00

Mega Hold Styling Mousse // VO5 


Because I’m so basic this month my go to hair style has just been to curl or srtaighten my hair and because my hair is naturally wavy keeping any hairstyle in place is a challenge. This mousse has had my hair stay looking amazing all day instead of letting it go crazy after a few hours.

The brand’s claims // 

“Our Climate Control Technology with UV filter provides 24 hr humidity and        environmental protection to help prevent frizz and add natural shine. Our  formula is easy to brush-out, non sticky and fast drying!”

If you fancy giving this styling mousse a whirl you can buy it from boots here // £4.19

Glow All Out Cheek Stick // SOAP AND GLORY 


As a teenage beauty lover my goal in life has quickly became clear – I must look as much like a glazed donut as possible at all times. This highlight (usually topped with a powder highlight) has definitley been doing the trick for me. It’s a beautiful pink-pearl shade and looks gorgeous with any makeup look — I love it

The brand’s claims // 

“With Illuminating Radiance-Pearls™ your skin will receive a wonderful, sheer, luminous finish. And ‘wow-look-at-her’ double takes. In the coolly stunning shade, ICE SHIMMER.”

If you’d like to give this cream highlight stick a whirl you can buy it from Boots here // £8.00

Cremesheen Lipstick in Fanfare // MAC


MAC lipsticks are by far some of the most beautiful lipsticks ever and this gorgeous shade is no exception. I love adding a tiny bit of this pretty pink to the centre of my lips then blending it out with my fingers so my lips look pretty and pink while still looking lovely and natural.

If you like the look of this lipstick you can buy it from MAC here // £16.50

And that’s it for my monthly favourites, if you liked this post as much as I like Keeping Up With The Kardashians then please like it and follow my blog by clicking the follow botton on the right hand of your screen or by submitting your email bellow. That’s all from me, I’ll see you next week,

Until next time,

Bethan x

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