How to // perfectly blendeded eyeshadow 

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Eyeshadow is one of those annoying things where it’s very easy to make mistakes and ruin your entire makeup look. To avoid any panda-eye drama I thought I’d create my step by step guide to help you achieve perfectly blended eyeshadow. I hope this helps you slayyyy the eyeshadow game and if you have any tips to help me improve please let me know in the comments. 

Base //

baseAfter priming your lids it’s always a good idea to then coat your entire eyelid with a neutral, matte shadow. This sets your primer and all eyeshadows you apply on top will then diffuse into this base shadow so that your eye makeup looks seamless and blends much more easily. This way you won’t get any unwanted harsh lines or patchy areas when  applying your other eyeshadows. I’m using the shade blow from Urban Decay’s Naked Ultimate Basics Palette.

Top tip: if your primer tends to appear a lil’ streaky, after application pounce a makeup sponge over any harsh lines to smoothen them out!!

transition.jpegApplying a transition shade is honestly one of the best ways to help your crease shadows blend flawlessly. All you need to do is apply a pale, matte shadow from your crease right up to your brow bone. Make sure that the transition shade is a similar tone to the rest of the eye shadows you’ll be applying to your crease so that they complement each other. I’m using the shade Nudie from Urban Decay’s Naked Ultimate Basics Palette.

Top tip: use a duo-fibre or fluffy blending brush to apply your transition shade so that it appears lovely and subtle.

Crease //

When it comes to eyeshadow, creases are kinda like the algebra – impossible to master and always go wrong. But I’ve figured out a few ways to make creating a perfectly blended, defined crease a lil’ bit easier. The main things you need to remember are

  1. Only ever apply matte shades in your crease
  2. Don’t just apply one big blob of a dark shadow and hope blending it out will do the trick — use lots of shadows gradually building up to a darker shade
  3. Always blend each colour into your transition shade

crease 1I always begin by applying a shade darker than my transition shade and lid colour all along my crease with a tapered brush. Light greys, and beiges tend to be really good colours for doing this. Then blend it out using your transition shade and your good to go. I’m using the shade Comando from Urban Decay’s Naked Ultimate Basics Palette.

crease  2.jpegI then take a slightly darker shade and work it into the outer 2 thirds of my crease. This shade is just a tiny bit darker than the previous shade I used so that can now start to very gradually build up a gradient into a darker shadow. Then as always, I blend this shadow in using my transition shade. I’m using the shade Tempted from Urban Decay’s Naked Ultimate Basics Palette.

crease 3.jpegIn the outer third I apply a even darker shadow. The eyeshadow I use when doing this is a more similar colour to the shade I will later apply to my lid later on, but is much darker so it helps all the eyeshdows in the crease blend together into the darkest shade. By using a shadow that is similar in colour to your lid, the crease and lid colours tend to blend together much more easily and look much more seamless when your done. The shade I’m using is Instinct from Urban Decay’s Naked Ultimate Basics Palette.

outer corner.jpegThen in the very outer corner I apply a teeny tiny bit of a really dark shadow in a V shape, I then blend it out using my transition shade to make it look a bit more tapered. The trick with this is not to go overboard – you can always add shadow and make it darker but if you add to much its very tricky to try and correct that. So just be sure you apply a little bit, blend, then if you want it darker just repeat until your happy. I’m using the shade Lethal from Urban Decays’s Naked Ultimate Basics Palette.

Top tip: If you do fudge things up a bit, just apply a nice thick wing of eyeliner to cover it, pray to the makeup gods and hope for the best.

Lid //

lid.jpegFor my lid I always just apply a shimmer shade of some sort because I feel like they really make my eyes pop. I always dampen my brush and then apply the shadow because that makes the shadow look 1000 times more pigmented. I’m using the shade Get Closer from Makeup Revolution’s Girl Panic Palette.

blend.jpegI then use my outermost crease colour to blend my outer corner and lid shades together just so that there isn’t a harsh line between where my lid shade ends and my outer corner begins.

inner corner.jpegI finish by adding a lil’ inner corner highlight to make my eyes pop and whola — your done!!


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