Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette – Girl Panic // Review

Hello again (and welcome if your new),

I bought this palette a while ago and it ended up just sitting in my draw for quite some time until I rediscovered it last month. Ever since I have been completely obsessed! The shimmer shadows in this palette really are like no others – I literally choose this palette over my Estee Lauder and Urban Decay eye shadows (which are much more pricey). The quality of the eye shadows in this palette is honestly ridiculous considering it only costs £6 for 18 eye shadows. I love the colour selection in this palette too — I can genuinely say I have used every single shade.

Shades //

swatch 1.jpeg

Panic on the street  is a super pretty champagne shimmer shade which looks gorgeous in the inner corner.

By invitation  is a shimmery pink-pearl shade.

Going on to somewhere is a pretty, shimmery, baby pink with champagne reflecs.

I am beaten  is a gorgeous rose-gold shimmer.

Voices in my head  is a perfect, shimmer pink.

City trap  is a deep, chocolate-brown with a subtle, pink shimmer running though it.

swatches 2.jpegGirlfriend  is a beautiful shimmery gold-amber shade.

Chelsea mayhem is a shimmery-golden brown.

Random  is a lovely, shimery copper  shadow.

Going nowhere is a chocolate brown with a golden shimmer running through it.

Get closer is a pretty ice blue that looks beautiful paired with silver reflects.

Demolition  is a black shade with dashes of silver shimmer.

swatches 3.jpegGoing under is a matte yellow-toned white.

Let it happen is a matte eggshell shade.

Naked through is a matte beige shadow.

Hypnotic is a pale, cool toned brown.

Mesmerised is a warm toned, chocolate brown.

Clever words is a cool toned, mauvey-purple.

My thoughts on the formulation //

I genuinely cannot rave about these eye shadows enough. Yes I just said rave… I’m ashamed of myself too. They have a buttery, creamy formula and are cray-cray pigmented (yes I said cray-cray too – yes I am 17 not a 45 year old soccer mom, although I understand your confusion). When applied with a moist brush (I apologise for your cringe) the shimmer shadows look blinding, they’re seriously gorgeous. As for the longevity?  They’re okay — they last a few hours but aren’t the best if you need them to last all day long as some of the pigment does tend to fade. They do have a lil’ fallout, especially the shades Random and Going nowehere but providing you tap away any excess on your brush before application, its easily swiped away with a powder brush as the amount of fallout isn’t too horrific.

Value for money //

This palette costs £6 for 18 eye shadows so each shadow costs a grand total of 33p each — I mean come on ya’ll, 33p for an eye shadow!! Yes you could buy a freddo for that so its a tough choice but I think I’d sacrifice my freddo for one of these shadows. They eye shadows really are worth every penny – if your looking for a high quality eye shadow palette I would recommend this palette even over famous, high end palettes like Urban Decay’s Naked palettes and Too Faced’s eyeshadow palettes.

My overall feelings //

Can you guess? Yes, I freaking love this palette. The shadows do have a lil’ fallout and they’re not the most long wearing but for the price, you really can’t go wrong. The colour selection is beautiful and I’m simply obsessed with this creamy formula as it applies beautifully to my lids so I slayyy my eyeshadow game.

Well that’s it from me! I hope ya’ll liked this review, be sure to let me know in the comments if you did. Please follow me on this blog and on my social media (linked below) if you wanna keep up to date with my latest posts and if you want to see more posts like this one please like this post for me so I know ya’ll like this kind of post! Thanks for reading,

Until next time,

Bethan x

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