Last Minute Revision Tips To Help You Ace Your Exams 

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It’s only a few weeks away from the start of the exam season so I thought I’d put together a few of my last minute revision tips. I know this isn’t my usual beauty style post but I thought this would make a nice change — don’t worry if these aren’t your favourite type of post because my usual beauty posts will be back next week! I hope these tips helpful do y’all and that hopefully they can reduce the stress and anxiety of your exams (or at least gives you something to do for two minutes to give you an excuse not to revise).

Examiners reports //

After finishing a last paper most people just mark it and try to work out where they went wrong – this is really helpful and a great way of consolidating your knowledge but examiners reports can really help you hit the high grades and avoid falling into the traps that the examiners set for you. It’s basically what it says – an examiners report. Every year the chief examiner writes a report about where most students went wrong on the paper and what students could have done to improve. It’s basically a guide telling you that exactly what you need to do to smash your exams which if you ask me, is hella helpful (and most people don’t know about this so it’ll give your advantage over everyone else).

Flashcards // Chegg

I’ve genuinely swore by this app for years. You can make flashcards, organise them into decks, test yourself and sort through which ones you’ve learned in a matter of minutes! It’s honestly revising heaven for lil’ revision nerds like me – and if you don’t get exited about flashcards apps like me

  1. How?
  2. Congratulations on having a life so that flashcards don’t get you exited
  3. I’m sure you’ll love it anyway so try it out

Flashcards have been scientifically proven to be the best way to learn and remember new information and this app makes it so easy so I would highly recommend.

YouTube tutorials //

If you search your subject and specification in YouTube hundreds of videos will appear to tell you how to get as many marks as possible on your paper. Some are better than others but if you look hard enough you’ll find some really helpful videos that’ll really help you get higher grades. And let’s be honest they require much less effort to watch than making notes e.c.t.

Make summary notes //

For a every topic I always make 1 page of summarised notes, this way your only revising the things you really need to learn and not trying to rember masses of information that you are never going to fit into your skull. I also think these are really good as you can read these really quickly on the morning of your exam just to refresh your memory before you go in without getting stressed out about having to read masses of pages.

So these are all of my main tips for revising right before your exams, but honestly my biggest tip is take a break. Of course revising is important but if your brain is too tired from all the revision you won’t have enough energy to do amazingly in your exam so make sure you get the work/life balance spot on. And just remember yes exams are hard but everyone else is in the exact same position as you so just try your best but if it doesn’t go to plan, it’s not the end of the world. I hope this post helped, if you liked it please like this post and let me know in the comments if you would like some more posts to help with revision before the exams begin. Good luck in your exams I know you’ll do fabulous!

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