How I Transformed My Hair In 30 Days // New Wash By Hairstory

Hello again you lovely human,

I was lucky enough to be selected to take part in Hairstory’s #TakeAShowerWithUs campaign which for me, is a huge honour. Basically, all I had to do was use their New Wash for 30 days, using no other products at all and see how I liked it. Gurllll, I don’t like this stuff, I love it! It is genuinely hands down the best product I have ever used for looking after my hair. And before you start to wonder, I’m not getting paid, all of my opinions in this post are 100% my own. And if you still don’t believe me I have some before and after shots for y’all too (below) so I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. So without further ado, lets get into this post!


Who are Hairstory Studio //

hhhhhhh.jpgI honestly had never heard of this brand before trying out New Wash. They’re a innovative haircare brand with a salon in New York that are trying to change the hair styling industry by doing things the all natural, 100% honest way. They don’t have 10000s of products, why? There is no need to. More products means more revenue, not necessarily better quality, and at Hairstory Studio they’re all about what’s good for the consumer and for the industry. If you’d like to know a little more about Hairstory Studio, I’d check out their about page here. 

What is New Wash //

Essentially, it’s everything your hair needs in a pretty bottle. It washes your hair, while conditioning it and de-tangling it. It is made from essential oils and all-natural cleansers (so it is completely detergent free!). Unlike shampoos, it doesn’t strip away your hair’s natural protective layer so instead of damaging your hair, it gives it a new lease of life and over time, it mends any damage caused to your hair by detergents, heat or bleach. That all sounds pretty good to me if you ask me.

It isn’t a typical hair wash or shampoo. It doesn’t even foam. It has a balm-like consistency that you massage into your hair and let it do its wonders. And it smells heavenly too. If you’d like to here a little more about New Wash (or purchase it) click Here. – and because of a recent collaboration I took part in with hair story if you click that link you’ll get 25% off the most expensive item in your shopping bag!

Did it work //

ssh.jpgHell to the yes. My hair used to be really frizzy and damaged  because of all the heat and hair dye I had used on it over the years. Even after just one wash my hair was completely transformed. It honestly just makes your hair feel like baby-hair all over again. Truly it is incredible. Just make sure you properly massage this into your scalp and apply it evenly to your hair, wash it off, and your good to go. Well once your hair has dried at least.

Overall thoughts //

This hair wash has honestly had such an amazing impact on my hair and I love, love, love it! It is a more luxury product but it really is worth every penny. It just feels like its made with love, from the actual product itself to little details like the pump’s lock on the packaging, it just feels like the people that have created it, really care about making sure that  it is absolutely perfect. I will definitely be trying out some of their other products in future.

I hope you enjoyed this post, make sure you like it if you did and follow my blog!!! Make sure you check out Hairystory’s social media @hairstorystudio.

Remember if you want 25% off your highest priced item click Here.

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