A Few Of My Favourite Podcasts // January 2018

Hello again,

Over the past few months I’ve started listening to podcasts more and more, over that time I have completely fell in love with them! Podcasts really help me relax and are really easy to just put on and listen to while doing other things, unlike videos or TV shows where you really have to sit down and concentrate on that video or show. I personally love getting recommendations for new podcasts so I thought I’d share a few of my favourite podcasts with you!

Don’t Blame Me // Meghan Rienks

This podcast in definitely my absolute favourite of all the podcasts I listen to, so much so every other Friday as soon as it’s released at the first possible opportunity I pop it on and listen. This podcast is an advice podcast hosted by one of my favourite YouTubers Meghan Rienks where people call in and leave a voice mail about any problems their having for Meghan’s advice. You honestly wouldn’t believe some of the things people call in about – some of them literally sound like something from the story line of ‘Friends’ and others you can really relate to or learn from, no matter what the call Meghan gives great advice that is hilarious too. I just really enjoy listening to it because it’s really light hearted and is a very good distraction from A Levels and all those other stressy things!

What’s The Tea // Ru Paul with Michelle Visage

To say I’m a fan of Ru Paul’s Drag Race is definitely an understatement so of course I was going to listen to his podcast. On most episodes there is a guest who Ru and Michelle talk to and interview which I just love listening to because I’m super nosy so I like hearing about people’s lives and they often have people on I’m a big fan of anyway. On the show they also talk a lot about Ru’s and Michelle’s life experiences which are genuinely some of the craziest stories I’ve ever heard which I love listening to despite the fact they make my life seem very mundane and boring. If you are a fan of Ru I would 10000% recommend this because it’s more Ru and Michelle so who wouldn’t love that? But if your not I would definitely recommend giving it a go too because it’s nice and easy to listen to so its something good to listen to when your doing something – I always listen to it to make cleaning my room a little more bearable!

Not Too Deep // Grace Helbig

This another one of my favourites, it’s a chatty style podcast that is just really nice to sit back and listen to. The episodes quite often have a theme that they talk about and the guests they have on are all great to listen to too which is another plus – it’s been out for a while too so you don’t have to wait for the next episode to come out to listen to it because there are plenty of older episodes to listen to, which I really appreciate because the worst thing is when you get hooked on a podcast and there’s only a few episodes so you have to wait for the next episode to come out to listen to it again, I have too much time on my hands okay!?!

Shane And Friends // Shane Dawson

This is definitely one of the stranger podcasts I listen to. I love it because it’s weird and wacky and you never really know what your going to get when you listen to it – sometimes it’s absolutely hilarious, other times it’s disgusting but most the time it’s a little bit of both. The topics they talk about most the time I love listening to because they really are so random and usually leave you with one million questions in your brain to think about afterwards. For me I really love this podcast so I would really recommend giving it a go.

We’re done! They’re all my favourite podcasts – I’m quite picky with the ones I listen but hopefully there’ll be one in this list you’ll enjoy too. If you’d like more posts like this please let me know or tweet me (@bethanstanleyy) or comment any suggestions for posts you’d like to see. I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did make sure you look out for more posts like this from me very soon.

Until next time,

Bethan xx

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