My Keep Fit Habits // How I Stay Fit and Healthy

Hello again,

A few of months ago I decided to make a change to my lifestyle and get in shape. These changes in my life have genuinely made me feel like the best version of me so I thought I’d share my workout routine and my keep fit tips here with all of you on my blog!


My Workout Schedule // My weekly routine

I like to workout at home using online YouTube videos. I use Fitness Blender and Lucy Wyndham Read videos for my workouts followed by Yoga With Adrienne videos for my daily yoga practice.

Monday //

  • On Monday’s I like to start off the week with a nice long session of hiit cardio. I feel like this really restarts my metabolism for the week and gets me feeling motivated for a week of working out ahead.
  • For some videos I like to use on Monday’s click here (higher intensity) and here (little easier)

Tuesday //

  • On Tuesday I start off with a hiit cardio workout followed by a thigh toning routine as that’s an area I really want to work on right now.
  • For some videos I like to use on Tuesdays click here and here

Wednesday //

  • On Wednesday I like to start off with another hiit cardio workout, I love hiit because it helps build my fitness and makes me feel energised at the beginning of a workout. I follow this with a thigh and butt workout. Toning your thighs and butt is great to increase your metabolic rate and give you more energy throughout the day as the thighs and glutes are some of the biggest muscle groups in the body
  • For some videos I like to use on Wednesdays click here and here

Thursday //

  • On Thursdays I love to have a workout that focuses on strength training. I start off by doing a really quick light cardio session to warm up followed by an all over body toning workout and then an ab workout.
  • For some videos I like to use on Thursdays click here and here

Friday //

  • On Fridays I like to have a day off to relax and or my body heal. This is super important to let your body rest so you doesn’t get overtired or injure yourself

Saturday //

  • At the weekend I like to take it easy so I just workout first thing in the morning by doing a quick cardio workout followed by a nice easy morning yoga practice
  • For some videos I like to use of Saturdays click here and here

Sunday //

  • On Sunday’s I like to have another rest day to relax before the beginning of a new week


My keep fit tips // How to stay motivated and get the best results

In the past I’ve found that staying motivated and sticking to a routine is what I’ve struggled with.

If you really want to stick to a healthy routine it’s important not to suddenly go from 0 to 100. After each workout you should feel out of breath but not be so exhausted you can barely stand – when you first start out its most likely going to be pretty challenging but when you stick to it and give each workout 100% effort you’ll soon start to feel like you can take on more challenging excises.

Another place I know a lot of people struggle is focusing too much on clothing sizes or numbers on a scale. I’ve actually gained weight since working out because I’ve built a lot of muscle particularly in my thighs and arms, but have actually gone down 3 waist sizes in my jeans – showing the scale isn’t really all that accurate. Although it’s hard, try focusing on all the health benefits a healthy lifestyle offers to your body and forget about weight loss because I promise you that’s when you’ll really start noticing results.

Eat to nourish your body – forget about the calories and the breakdown of exactly what’s in your food. Food shouldn’t be about starving yourself or cutting things out to drop a dress size because although in the short term that might work, in the long term you could end up slowing your metabolism and harming your body. When it comes to eating healthy eat everything in moderation and avoid cutting anything out – food that are natural and not processed are much better for your body, but creating a healthy relationship with food is really the most important thing!

My final piece of advice is t to be patient. Working out really intensely for a week is not going to make a massive difference to how you look or feel. Establish a routine that suits you and makes you feel good, experiment with different types of work outs and see which you enjoy the most and over time the way your body feels will really start to change!

wo outfit.jpeg

My working out journey //

At the I started working out and doing lots of yoga time I didn’t do much exercise or eat healthy so I was beginning to feel really unfit, I didn’t like the way my body looked and I didn’t have much energy a lot of the time. Initially working out for me was about losing weight and toning up but since then I’ve realised how exercising and making more healthy choices when it comes to eating can make you feel so much happier and healthier. For me the most remarkable thing about keeping active has been how it’s changed my perception of myself and how I look after myself. I don’t work out to lose weight anymore – I do it because it makes me feel good and because I want to make my body stronger and healthier for me, when it comes to eating I’ve now realised eating shouldn’t be about eating your feelings or only eating so many calories – eating should be about nourishing your body in a way that makes you feel your best. These changes have not only changed how I feel on an everyday basis but they’ve also taught me a lot of lessons about being much patient with myself in everyday life which in my opinion, is a really invaluable lesson.

Well that’s it for today’s post! I hope you enjoyed it – I know it was a little longer than usual but fitness is something I love I had to share it with you on my blog. Thanks for reading, I’ll have another post up this Tuesday!

Until Next time,

Bethan xx

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