Top tips for a more positive outlook on life // Top Tips Thursday

Hello again,

Unfortunately, sometimes staying positive isn’t always as easy as ‘looking on the bright side’, over the past few months I’ve really started trying to have a more positive happy outlook on life and I can genuinely say I’m really feeling the difference, so for this weeks Top Tips Thursday I thought I would give you guys my advice on how to stay positive! These are of course recommendations based what on works for me and different things work for different people but who knows? Maybe there will be something i here that really helps lift your spirits!

Stay active // Yoga and working out

I started working out regularly and practising yoga towards the end of the summer and I can honestly say its completely changed my mind set and how I feel about myself in general. I’m so much happier and I feel much healthier so even on those days where I don’t feel so good my body feels healthy which makes things a little better. Yoga, I really cannot say enough about, it not only makes you feel amazing but it completely changes the way you see life so now I feel much more confident in myself and tend to be much calmer. Exercise is clinically proven to stimulate the release of endorphins to boost your mood so if you aren’t feeling so great get working out and in no time hopefully things won’t seem so dull. For yoga I use YouTube videos by Yoga with Adriene, and for my workouts I use Lucy Wyndham-Read and Fitness Blender videos.

Pamper yourself // Face-masks, Lush, e.c.t.

There’s nothing like a good pamper sesh to lift your spirits and make everything seem a little more fabulous . For me I love treating myself to a hot bath, a face-mask, and doing my nails so they’re nice and pretty. This also helps me have a much needed chill out, and if your much like me, it’ll give you a break from all of life’s (many) stresses!

Be kind to yourself // Appreciate your inner awesome

When your feeling a little low it’s so easy to become obsessed with the things you don’t like about yourself, so try thinking about the things you do. I know it sounds silly, but even if you just think of a tiny little thing you like about yourself once or twice a day it can really start to change the way you think about yourself and make things seem a little brighter. It can be something really little like your eye colour or maybe something like your sense of humour, but just trying to remeber those little things can really make a difference. And, if there are a few things maybe you don’t like about yourself be kind to yourself, remember no body’s perfect and turn it into a positive by turning it into a goal as something to work on.

Look after your skin // Skin care routine

For me, if my skin isn’t looking too good I just don’t feel as good about myself, so looking after my skin really helps boost my confidence and feel much better about myself. So maybe go easy on the makeup when you can and make sure you give your skin a good cleanse every night before you go to bed!

Listen to your body // Mind, body and soul

This is something yoga has really taught me and has really helped me when trying to make my lifestyle much more positive. Everyone is different so something that may make me happier might not work for you. So notice if there are any things you do or don’t do that make you feel happier and healthier or make you feel not so great and start doing the things that make you feel good more and try and cut out any behaviours that maybe don’t make you feel so great. It sounds silly but it really does work, for example, for me I’ve noticed whenever I over eat it really brings down and makes me feel bad about myself so now I’m aware of that I listen to my body and try not to go too crazy on the Pringles.

These are some of the really simple things I like to do just to try and make life a little brighter, I really hope this really helps but remember loving yourself takes a daily practice so make sure you prioritise making you happy so everything else will seem a little better. If you have any tips or blog post requests make sure you leave a comment below or let me know on any of my social media. Thankyou so much for reading this post,

All my love,

Bethan xoxo

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